Convert Apk To Zip

Bookmark & share this page with others:. Some (well almost all) Android .apk files are just renamed .zip files.

How to convert Google Android app packages to zip archives. Converting Android APK packages to ZIP archives. APK to ZIP converters.

These can can be converted with the use of Zip2Apk program back to ZIP, or simple renaming should do the trick. However, some Android APKs are not ZIPed and this won't work. Of course you can simply further ZIP the APKs, but that's not much of use, because the resulting file won't be much smaller. Updated: February 2, 2022. Unfortunately, there is no detailed software record in the database for this conversion.

  • Additional links: Open apk file, Open zip file. An apk file extension is used for Google Android application packages for Android based devices.
  • apk files are basically a renamed zip files, used to install apps to Android smart phones.
  • Files with apk file extension were also found in older GameSpy Arcade service for multiplayer gaming.
  • Files with apk file extension might also be found as projects from Active Tutor authoring tool by 4C Soft. An apk file extension is related to the Microsoft Train Simulator and used for its packaged activity files.
  • An apk files also uses Quake 2 first person action shooter computer game.
  • Files with apk file extension may also be application packages for Asustor ADM operating system.

Check out some options how xapk files might be converted to zip format.

Not to be confused with Android files. Files with zip is associated with the WinZip compression tool. ZIP file is compressed archive container that contains archived files, compressed in ZIP compression format. Common archive format that can be extracted with any archiving tool. Files with zip file extension are also used for theme packs made in Stardock ObjectBar program. Most likely standard ZIP. A zip file extension is related to various computer games and used for its game resource data files. A zip file extension is related to the Oolite video game and used for its expansion packs.

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