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Generally speaking, it is not possible and it would make no sense to convert EXE to ISO. However, there may exist few reasons why users think this is possible. It can happen that the ISO file is further compressed in a self-extracting archive that uses exe extension. You can decompress the files and you will get your.iso. Under ' Select rar file to convert ', click on browse (or your browser equivalent) Select the file you wish to convert. Click 'Convert to ISO'. It will list all the ISO files in the rar archive. IF your archive is password protected, enter it at the prompt and then click 'Set Password'. Click the green 'Save' button to save individual iso file.

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As for the big deal in this article, here’s the guide!

Convert iso to exe free

This will cover the basics behind turning an old PS2 game into a PC bootable .EXE program, within this lists will be the guide (obviously) along with other interesting things this allows you to do, such as add them to your list of Steam games and have everything pre-configged for yourself (no messing about with confusing controller alterations) along with being able to throw it in Steam, this brings up interesting new projects available, such as adding it to a Home Theater PC running Steam Big Picture for a truly relaxed experience.

The Guide!

Soooooooooo, ever wanted to put your PS2 games on Steam, all capable of being launched at just the click of an icon but like me you don’t like browsing the internet for hours just to find a guide to something seemingly super-basic?

Basically how you start is get your PS2 game, use PCSX2 (0.9. (r4600) use that to convert your game into an .iso file, I used Persona 4. Then you want to make sure your folders are all tidy and organized, I have a seperate folder for the Emulators and the PS2 games on my PC.

Next, goto your desktop and create a shortcut, you want to point that to the .exe file of your emulator, which should leave you with something like this;


After this you want to add the location of your .iso image right next to it;

“D:PCSX2Pcsx2-r4600.exe” “D:PS2Persona4Persona4.iso”


^^ Remember this!!

Creating the Shortcut!

Create the shortcut and name it whatever you want, this is just really creating a decent .exe file for Steam. Now goto Steam, add a non-steam game (little icon on the bottom left) and pick your shortcut, this will add the Pcsx2-r4600.exe file to your list of installed games, once there, right click it and goto properties.

Once here, you want to rename the file to the game you’re adding, so for me that’s Persona 4, in the target box you want to have;
“D:PCSX2Pcsx2-r4600.exe” “D:PS2Persona4Persona4.iso”

And the “Start-in” box just leave clear.

That’s it!

You now have a working PS2 shortcut on your PC! Add a custom cover image and make sure all your plugins are working and the emulator will work behind the scenes, giving you an experience that feels alot more like you’re playing a native PC game!

Interesting Notes!

“D:PCSX2Pcsx2-r4600.exe” “D:PS2Persona4Persona4.iso”
if you add -nogui it will remove the emulators image from even appearing in the background, unimportant, but if you maybe have texture issues with it popping through or whatnot it may help.

File Management!

I honestly can’t stress enough how much easier this will be if you have a tidy PC, it’s almost at the point where it would be worth saying, unless you’re an extremely confident user, doing this with a PC that’s a mess will be extremely difficult.

Trust me people, learn file management, turn it into a religion, you’ll never look back.
Asking me, a PC is a tool, just like a gun or anything else.
You do not let your tools get dirty, outside or inside. (Though I guess this can be converted to hardware and software.)

Make sure they are always tidied, for real.
If you don’t, Lenin is going to be under your bed tonight.

Unpause and Pwn!

Well, thank you for reading the article / guide, I’d also however like to take a moment to tell you about Unpause and Pwn (the group that prepared this guide).
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Convert Exe To Bootable Iso File

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How To Convert Exe File To Iso On Mac

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