Cost Of Quickbooks License

A: QuickBooks Desktop Hosting is essentially the QuickBooks Desktop software installed on the cloud. Once installed on the remote server, the end-user can access their QuickBooks Desktop software, data, and files from anywhere, anytime.

Just click the Right Networks icon located on your desktop.

QuickBooks Online is an entirely different version of QuickBooks software, exclusively developed for the cloud environment. While convenient to access and use, QuickBooks Online lacks features and functionalities that you get with QuickBooks Desktop, and ultimately with QuickBooks Desktop Hosting. A: You could be up and running in less than one hour with Right Networks. Our trained data specialists work with clients to perform a secure transition of data at no additional cost. A: You have the option to bring your own license. Or you can purchase one directly through us for unparalleled support and all of your solutions on one bill. We are an Elite QuickBooks Solution Provider which means we have the best pricing on QuickBooks licenses in the industry.

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