Cpa Exam Becker Vs Actual

I am hoping to get some advice from people who have passed FAR in the past. I have completed all lectures, skill practices, and MCQs for all the chapters. I have only completed 31% of the simulations bc they take too long but I am hoping to do some as review. I am taking my exam in 2 weeks and I just finished my first mock exam and got a 58%. Am I on the right track? What is the best way to review from here?
What was everyone's mock exam scores and actual scores? Any advice is appreciated (:. This topic has 32 replies, 23 voices, and was last updated 3 years, 6 months ago by . So I am looking for a little sanity here so please stay with me. I just sat for FAR yesterday after a solid 4 months of studying and 3 weeks of final review.
I posted a 75 and 80 on Becker's Mock Exams. Flash forward to yesterday and I am at a loss for words. I counted about 25 MCQs on Government and NFP and the SIMS were out of left field. Either completely new topics, or a bank reconciliation but with new areas not covered at all in Becker.
I left of course feeling like I failed and that I had to guess on most of the SIMS. I ran out of time on my last SIM and had to guess on most of it. Another SIM I am pretty sure I got completely wrong. SO long story short, should I keep studying for FAR until my score comes out or hold off and move on hoping for a miracle?

I posted in the FAR Q3 thread, but dude I am in the same boat as you.

I studied my butt off for months and reviewed just as much as you using Becker.

I knew the entire Beckerbook SO well and its questions.

I took FAR last week, but the MCQ was not so bad (I say this bc i understand Becker's MCQ well).

Pretty good mix of Gov't and NFP and other things.

The SIMS were very similar to you dude…I had RIDICULOUS reconciliations, which you would think are so straightforward in Becker, but materials you have never seen before that I didn't know what to do with.

I had 2 hours to do all the Sims and I was also left to rush and guess on the last couple.
All my sims were about reconciliations and adjustments that you have never seen before.
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