Cs 1.6 Add Bot Command

Type sv_gravity 100 - to jump higher (helpful to escape on corner zones).

Type sv_gravity 800 - (normal jump). Type sv_airaccelerate 100 - press jump then move forward or backward or sideward to jump on any zones (helpful to escape horde of enemies). Type lightgamma 9999 and gamma 9999 - to see on darkest place (special: you can avoid flashbang explode at this command). Type hideradar - hides the radar.

Type drawradar - makes the radar visible again. Type cl_gunsmoke 0 - to hide gun's smoke (special: your fps boost when you type it). Type sv_cheats 1 - to run advanced cheats (to run advanced cheats you'll need to restart the server).

Type impulse 101 - to earn max money (type sv_cheats 1 and restart the round after typing this command).

Type sv_enttools_enable 1 - to run entity commands. Type bot_add - add bots on round. bot_kick (name) - to kick the bot that targeted. Type bot_kick - kick all bots. Type bot_add_(name) - to add custom named bots.

Type bot_add_t_(name) - to add custom named bots on terrorist. Type bot_add_ct_(name) - to add custom named bots on counter terrorist. bot_kill - to kill all bots on the round.

Type sv_gravity 9999999999999999999999999 - a glitch that I tried (effect to players: make all players in server not jump and kill all players randomly).

Type hostname (name) - makes the server change the name when playing.

If you want more commands I will create part two.

To add Terrorists type: pb add t
To add Counter-Terrorists type: pb add ct
To Remove all bots type: pb removebots
To Fill Server to it’s maximum capacity: pb fillserver

I Hope you find this guide easy to understand. If not, you can ask me directly for help by messaging me on my Facebook page (Visit my Facebook Page HERE) or my Google+ page (Visit my Google+ Page HERE) and I will help you out in no time! You can also use the comments section below.

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