Cs 1.6 Add Bot

Counter-Strike 1.6 basically come without pre-installed bots, but many of us require bots to practice, to play offline or to play with friends on LAN.

So, this guide will help you to install bots in CS 1.6 on Steam as well as non-steam version. 1) Download the bots .zip file below:. 2) Extract the file on your Desktop using any .zip extractor like winzip. 3) Copy all the files from this folder. 4) Paste it into your cstrike directory:. For Steam version: C:/ProgramFiles/Steam/Steamapps/common/HalfLife/cstrike.

For Non-Steam: C:/ProgramFiles/valve/counter-strike/cstrike. 5) It will ask you to replace files, just replace and start your Counter-Strike. 6) Now to add bots in-game use following commands:. bot_add_t - To add bot into T team.

bot_quota 6 - To add 6 bots in your game change the number to add more. bot_difficulty 3 - To set bots difficulty to Hard (1 = Easy, 2 = Medium, 3 = Hard).That's all now you have bots installed on your counter strike 1.6.

You can simply download this version of Counter Strike 1.6 version which have bots pre-installed, so you need to do anything else. Download from the link below:.

CS-1.6.exe (283 MB).

Comment if you face any problem.

STEP 5: Open cstrike/addons/podbot and then open podbot.cfg using Notepad or your favorite text editor. Find pb_password and change it to your desired password. Change pb_minbotskill and pb_maxbotskill to your desired bot difficulty. Maximum bot difficulty is 100 and beware, bots of difficulty 100 are so fierce that they’ll hear you and headshot you through walls! Change pb_maxbots to a number suitable so that some slots remain for human players. Save and Exit.

STEP 6: CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully installed and configured bots for you’re Counter Strike Server. In order too addbots simply open you’re Server Console and type pb fillserver to fill the server to it’s maximum bot capacity you defined earlier in STEP 5.

To add Terrorists type: pb add t
To add Counter-Terrorists type: pb add ct
To Remove all bots type: pb removebots
To Fill Server to it’s maximum capacity: pb fillserver

I Hope you find this guide easy to understand. If not, you can ask me directly for help by messaging me on my Facebook page (Visit my Facebook Page HERE) or my Google+ page (Visit my Google+ Page HERE) and I will help you out in no time! You can also use the comments section below.

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