Cs 1.6 Bot Mod

The fans of Counter Strike 1.6, the multiplayer shooter that marked an era, have something to celebrate as they can continue playing this game thanks to this bot without requiring an Internet connection.

Play against bots controlled by AI

OK, so this Counter Strike 1.6 Z-Bot isn't an ordinary CS... in other words: we're not going to play against real-life players. What we're going to do is play against bots controlled by means of artificial intelligence. The truth is that it's a good way to continue playing this game that is no longer supported.

It's not exactly the same... but it's similar.

Main features

This Counter Strike in particular, for which you won't need to have a Steam account, comes along with the following features:

  • Bot customization.
  • Set the level of difficulty.
  • Configure the number of opponents that you have to fight against.
  • Define the controls.
  • Establish what kind of weapons your enemies will use.

However, to play this mod you still need to get hold of the full CS 1.6. Definitely the most acclaimed version. According to its fans, it's even better than CS Nexon Zombies, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Counter Strike 1 & 2 or Counter Strike Source.

  • Requires Counter Strike 1.6.
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