Cs Go Surf Download

Play surf from cs game! You will constantly move and slide on levels, perform cool bunny hop jumps and become a real bhop pro!

In this Surf & BunnyHop Challenge simulator you can prove that you really are a surf pro. Bunny hop is the ability to move faster in FPS games. Make turns to the left and right (strafe) to increase the speed of the jump. The more strafe during one jump, the greater the speed and length of the flight.

Start jumping and surfing the ramps. Challenge yourself and go through a variety of maps in banihop and surf modes, made in a colorful, neon style!

Reach the finish line with as few mistakes as possible. The jump simulator allows you to test your agility in bhop and surf modes. Experience dynamic gameplay that does not let you get bored on any of the levels! This is the most realistic surf and bhop simulator on Android!

This is a method of increasing speed by sliding on ramps (strafing), you must try not to bump into obstacles and not slow down in order to gain speed. If you like banihop or surf pro, then you have the opportunity to play these modes on your phone!

Each map has several stages where it will be necessary to train your skill in Banihop about jumping!

At first you will go through easy levels, but the further you go, the more interesting and difficult it will become to play!

  • Realistic b-hop and surf-go from CS for mobile devices.

  • Large number of jumping and strafe levels.

  • Many Knife Cases.

  • Very nice graphics.

  • Dozens of bhop knives with unique animations!

  • Convenient and responsive controls for surfing.

Surf GO & Bhop 2021 is a first-person (fps) action game where you have to jump (bhop) and surf on platforms without falling. This is possibly one of the most addicting 3D games you will ever play.

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