PODBOT 3.2Score:
Compatibles with CS 1.5, 1.6 & Condition Zero. Official Website PODbot

Description:TheBotsYou are downloading here, apart from being the best existing bots for Counter Strike, they are the most famous ones as the have the best AI and best reality gameplay of the moment.


  • They hear you walking
  • They hare doors, windows, glasses...everything weird close to them.
  • They can plant the bomb and cover it (T) and at the same time the CTs can ask for more partners or help in the moment they are deactivating it.
  • If you use the radio messages, the PODBOT will use their AI to save this messages and if they think is a right mode to play the round, they will follow your advices. They could follow you, cover you, stay in the asigned position....
  • A lot more of good characteristics and activities you can discover yourself.

Installing folder: Once you have downloaded and descompressed the executable file, you just have to execute it and follow the instructions. When you are asked in which directory you want to install it, choose the one where HalfLife is installed.
Default folder is C:\Sierra\Half-Life\ until version 1.5, From 1.6 onwards and Condition Zero (only PODBot 3.2) by default in the folder C:\SIERRA\Steam\SteamApps\[email protected]_steam.com\counter-strike.

Use: When PODbot 2.5 is installed, it will create a shortcut in the desktop, similar to Counter Strike icon, but with a red background.

Once the match is created and you are playing, ( bots can join automatically to the game) we will be able to config the bots through a menu, which appears in the "next-to-the-backspace" button. In this menu we will be able to chose the Bots AI, add predefined bots, choose the weapons they'll use..., etc.

Last Version: 3.2

Size:1.85 Mb

Update: There are a non-official PODBot 2.9 (They will require PODBOT 2.5 installed). Improvements: They are better, team-organized like real Pro teams, they will rush to plant the bomb in de_ maps, they don't have a [POD] sufix name, not internal chat...

Update 10/2013: We include PODBot 3.2 full version. This is the recommended new version compatible with CS 1.5, 1.6 and Condition Zero! You have to decompress it in the folder previously indicated. Including: AMX MOD X 1.8.2 (with ChickenMod OE 0.6.5, CSDM 2.1.3c, ATAC 3.0.1b) and Metamod 1.20

Download Podbot 2.5 (1.7 MB)

Download Podbot 2.9 (0.5 MB)

Download Podbot 3.2 (13.7 MB)
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