Csgo Surf Install

This tutorial will be guiding you through installing your first CS:GO dedicated server running on a Linux machine.

Installing Linux GSM

It may feel like a long read but I’ve tried to make it as concise as possible. Ubuntu Server 14.04.3 LTS. Linux Game Server Manager. Sourcemod, Metamod. MySQL or SQLite database. After you have installed your Ubuntu operating system be sure to update it to the latest version by going into Terminal and doing. Depending on what router you have, your router’s IP address will differ.

Sanity Check

Mine is . Googleing your router’s model number is the easiest way to find this. When prompted for authentication details, enter “admin” for username and “password” for password. This is usually the default, if not consult Google. Head over to the Port Forwarding/Port Triggering tab, if you have trouble go to Port Forward for instructions for your particular router.

We want to open ports 3478 UDP/TCP, 4379-4380 UDP/TCP and 27000-27050 UDP/TCP. Using Linux GSM is the easiest way to install your CS:GO dedicated server as most of the server settings have already been set up for you.

  1. It also allows you to update your server easily with one command.
  2. Firstly install all of the dependencies.
  3. for 64-bit Ubuntu:. for 32-bit Ubuntu:.
  4. We will then need to create a new user on our operating system as installing on root is not advisable:.
  5. Downloading the script .. Make it executable.

Installing Some Surf Maps

Installing the server. Each steam server now requires a steam server token in order for it to be publicly visible, head over here to acquire one. The App ID for CS:GO is 730. Once you have done that it’s time to configure your server’s start-up settings.

  1. open ‘csgoserver’ with your favourite text editor.
  2. find gslt=”” and insert your steam token.
  3. gslt=”FA77xxxxxxxxxx”. We can leave everything else as default for now.
  1. That is basically it if you want to host a pure CS:GO server but for surf we will need to install a few more plugins.
  2. Sourcemod is an addon on for games running on the Half-Life 2 engine which allows custom plugins to be added, we need this for our surf timer.

Head over to your csgo folder and download sourcemod and metamod. Extracting the files. Sourcemod is now installed, but if you hop onto your server, you will not yet have any admin powers.

  • We will need to make ourself an admin.
  • go to the sourcemod configs folder and edit “admins_simple.ini”…. From there add your Steam ID as “STEAM_xxxxxxxx” “99:z”.

Time to Surf

The z flag will give you root admin. To find your Steam ID go here. Since a lot of surf maps have timed jails and weapons that are no longer available in CS:GO, we will need to remove them otherwise the server can break. Thankfully installation is just as simple and the timer we will be using has a collection of stripper files provided for us.

Opening Your Ports

Head over to stripper:source and download the latest snapshot for Linux. Download the one with the highest number after “git”. Now is a good time to check that we have installed the above correctly, let’s start the server and hop into the server’s console.

You should be able to see server’s details by typing “status”. To check if your installation went smoothly type “meta list”. You should see that Sourcemod, Metamod and Stripper has loaded successfully. To see all the plugins that you currently have installed type “sm plugins list”. Linux GSM website has a list of all the commands for your server including update etc. Consult this for more information. Also head over to the Sourcemod wiki to learn more about Sourcemod commands. Go to the ckSurf Github page to download the latest version.

Installing ckSurf 1.18-Beta

Next we need to import the stripper files. Head over to your Sourcemod configs folder again and we will add in our database for ckSurf. then insert your database details before the last curly braces in the following format. We’re almost there. Just need some surf maps for our surf server (durr).

For now we will just download everyone’s favourite map, surf_kitsune. Head over to your csgo maps folder and let’s download it. Now that its in our maps folder we should update our maplist.txt and mapcycle.txt. These files can be found in your csgo folder. (~/serverfiles/csgo). Append the map names that you want your server to run e.g “surf_kitsune”. We also need to give our server a download url so people can download our maps. This is configured in csgo-server.cfg in our csgo/cfg folder.

Installing Sourcemod and Metamod

Add the following lines. Hop onto your surf server, you should be able to find it by searching for “cksurf”, or you can connect via IP. To change the maps to surf_kitsune type “!map surf_kitsune”. Hopefully it should download the map for you succesfully. You may notice that the maps currently doesn’t have any zones.

That’s because we haven’t imported them yet. Type “!insertmapzones” to insert some premade zones nad “insertmaptiers” to insert their tiers. These should only ever be ran once. Some maps may not be zoned so you will have to zone them yourself through “!zones”. Always remember to backup your database or risk losing all your hard work. Port Forward – http://portforward.com/Linux GSM – http://gameservermanagers.com/lgsm/csgoserver/Steam Token – http://steamcommunity.com/dev/managegameserversSourcemod – https://www.sourcemod.net/downloads.phpMetamod – https://www.metamodsource.net/Stripper – http://www.bailopan.net/stripper/snapshots/1.2/ckSurf – https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=264498ckSurf Github – https://github.com/jonitaikaponi/ckSurf/tree/1.18-BetaMaps – http://fastdl.gflclan.com/csgo/maps/.

Installing Stripper:Source

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Things you will need.. (links will be down the bottom)

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Updating Ubuntu

This is possibly one of the most addicting 3D games you will ever play.

  1. Can you become a Bhop & Surf pro?
  2. Click on “Play”
  3. In the top-left dropdown menu, select the "Community Server Browser" option
  1. Type in “Surf” for the Tags section at the bottom
  2. Locate the one you want to join then click Connect
  3. Clicking the “Players” tab at the top will also put the most populated servers first

Surfing Servers usually race-focused which adds a different level to Surfing and Deathmatches in CS GO. It is advised that you start playing on solo maps until you kinda understand how to stay on the ramps at least.In order to connect to a CSGO Server using an IP Address you will need to do the following:

  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Open the console
  3. Type "connect" or any given IP Address
  1. The game will automatically load you into the map

Here are the best best CSGO surf servers ID Addresses currently available:

  • [surf_utopia_v3]
  • [surf_rebel_resistance_njv]
  • [surf_fornax]
  • [surf_kitsune]
  • [surf_kitsune_fix]
  • [workshop/2020997198/surf_interference]
  • [surf_mom_fix]
  • [surf_lovetunnel]
  • [surf_gleam2]
  • [surf_utopia_v3]

Configuring the Database

If you feel like you're ready to play some multiplayer games then some of these servers are great for Surfing. CS:GO Surfing is not something that was intended for Counter Strike but has become a popular mode along Wingman amongst CSGO players.First created for Counter-Strike 1.6. the Surfing scene has only gotten stronger and a large number of Surf maps shows how loved this is. If you've never Surfed before then you will have some trouble initially since the movements are very different to normal. There's no harm in downloading a map and giving Surfing a try! Even if you don't find this to be much fun then it's still a great learning tool for teaching you more in-depth knowledge about movement in CSGO.Whether you want to play on Surfing Servers to just stick to some single-player Surfing Maps, enjoy some good company or look for someone to trade csgo skins with, there's a lot of ways to enjoy this unusual movement in CS:GO.

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