Csgo Surfing Game

About the title. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a part of the most famous gaming series in the world.

With over 10 million people joining the game every month, it’s easy to imagine how fast it will continue to grow.CS: GO provides for a thrilling shooting experience in a life-like setting.

A player is sorted into a team in which he or she has to fight criminals. The gameplay requires you to complete several tasks like freeing hostages or saving the city from the danger of a major bomb explosion.

CS: GO has nine modifications that vary in different parameters: availability of guns, the competitiveness of participants, the possibility to play the game offline, the level of health, etc.The most traditional modification is called Classic.

A team of five members needs to go through numerous military adventures to complete an important mission.

How to Surf in CSGO

The two main variations are about saving the people who were kidnapped or diffusing an explosive device. If you choose a competitive setting, you will be ranked according to your achievements in this modification.

Best CS GO Surfing Servers and how to play

If you choose the casual mode, you will play against bots and your scores will be calculated individually irrespective of your rank within the team.

If you’re playing CS: GO for the first time, it’s recommended to use bots first. Many players in CS community don’t have enough empathy not to yell at a newbie when he does something stupid. Playing with bots will save you a lot of nerve cells. However, once you are good at fighting easy-to-play bots, you need to move to the Casual modification to ensure the best game outcomes.

To start using the primary competitive gaming experience of CS: GO, you need to reach at least the second rank.

However, this won’t be easy and will take at least dozens of hours of practice.

Don’t rely too much on the playing techniques from other shooting games.

  • Your main goal is to think strategically.
  • Because CS: GO is aimed at achieving a particular result, think about how you can make a particular task easier to deliver.
  • For example, what paths and places should you guard, what roles will each team member take, when you need to shoot and when you need to stay low.Whether you are a hardcore CS: GO fan or a complete beginner, learning by example will never hurt.
  • Follow the latest championships of e-sport members and watch a lot of CS: GO-related videos on YouTube.
  • This will ensure you get enough second-hand experience and allow you to feel more confident in the real game!
  • Play surf from cs game!
  • You will constantly move and slide on levels, perform cool bunny hop jumps and become a real bhop pro!

In this Surf & BunnyHop Challenge simulator you can prove that you really are a surf pro.

Bunny hop is the ability to move faster in FPS games.

Make turns to the left and right (strafe) to increase the speed of the jump.

How to Play on CSGO Surfing Maps

The more strafe during one jump, the greater the speed and length of the flight. Start jumping and surfing the ramps. Challenge yourself and go through a variety of maps in banihop and surf modes, made in a colorful, neon style!

Reach the finish line with as few mistakes as possible. The jump simulator allows you to test your agility in bhop and surf modes.

  • Experience dynamic gameplay that does not let you get bored on any of the levels!
  • This is the most realistic surf and bhop simulator on Android! This is a method of increasing speed by sliding on ramps (strafing), you must try not to bump into obstacles and not slow down in order to gain speed.
  • If you like banihop or surf pro, then you have the opportunity to play these modes on your phone!
  • Each map has several stages where it will be necessary to train your skill in Banihop about jumping!

At first you will go through easy levels, but the further you go, the more interesting and difficult it will become to play! Realistic b-hop and surf-go from CS for mobile devices.

Large number of jumping and strafe levels.

Many Knife Cases. Very nice graphics.

Dozens of bhop knives with unique animations!

Best CSGO Surf maps

Convenient and responsive controls for surfing. Surf GO & Bhop 2021 is a first-person (fps) action game where you have to jump (bhop) and surf on platforms without falling.

This is possibly one of the most addicting 3D games you will ever play. Can you become a Bhop & Surf pro? Do the terms 'radical' or 'hang tell feature much? Check out our best surfing servers, surf server commands and how to surf guide!

  • Surfing is different from the typical shooter mechanics of CSGO such as bunnyhopping.
  • It's the art of sliding down and up a ramp on a so-called surfing community map.
  • It helps to increase your reaction time in general and not just in CSGO.
  • It can be quite a fussy thing to do and require precise movements for the most complex Surfing maps.Most Surfing maps are quite relaxed and casual which is great if you don't feel like playing with others at the time.

To surf in CS:GO, you first need to find a CS GO Surfing map on the Steam Workshop and Subscribe to whichever one you want.

It's completely free. Once you're on a Surfing map or server, to start your first Surf all you need to do is walk onto the ramp to start.

The aim is to “surf” by moving left and right, up and down to stay steady on the ramp and to ride it to completion.

Pressing forwards on these ramps will usually kill you by making you slide off it to your death and forcing you to start over.

Final Thoughts

The same goes for pressing to go backward as well! For Surfing, the only buttons needed are A and D.Here is how to surf in CSGO:. Load up a Surfing map or server preferably with your knife.

Walk onto the ramp. It automatically moves you forwards. Move left or right depending on what side of the ramp you are on. Don't press forwards or backwards.

  • To play on a Surfing Map offline, you need to go to the Steam Workshop for CS GO and search for “Surfing” maps.
  • Once you've found at least one map you need to click the Subscribe button on the map page or you can press the “+” button from the browsing menu instead.
  • Go to the Steam Workshop for CSGO. Put “Surf” or “Surfing” into the search bar for the Steam Workshop.
  • “Sort By: Most Popular” and “Over Time Period: All Time” combined will give the highest rated maps for CS GO Surfing.

If you've clicked onto a map, there is a big Subscribe button to download it.

Once you have the map(s) installed, you can return to the game and play the map.

There are two potential ways to do this. Select the map from Workshop in the game.

Or enable the Developer Console > Open the Console > Enter "connect" or any given IP Address.

Maps often have a Tier assigned to them which shows their skill level.

What is CSGO Surfing?

Not all of them do and those that don't are usually for more experienced Surfers. Most players use maps are easy to access and regularly updated by their creator or the team that made it. This means the best ones will always have more active players on them while you search for a game.

This map was sponsored by Fnatic to be a tier 2 difficulty.

  • This means that while this map is orientated towards beginners, more experienced Surfers will enjoy this server as well which means this can keep new surfers busy for quite some time.
  • It's themed on what people classically “want out of the perfect summer” including the beach, a skatepark, waterpark, and more.
  • This map has a lot included in the theme of a sunny summer's day with lots of shortcuts for experienced players to find and learn to use.
  • There is also a PasteBin link which includes server settings for singleplayer.[gg-affiliate text=" STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE" url="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=964884598&searchtext=surf+summer" nofollow="yes" new_tab="yes" bg_color="#F05A22" color="#fff" border_radius="5px" padding="12px 18px" fon_size="14px" align="center" text_align="center" width="100%"].
  • This map is designed to have a futuristic style with the map set in the middle of a vast ocean and is made to be a combat map.
  • While surfing as fast as possible is not the goal here, it is possible to Surf very fast here.
  • Greatriver 2015 is mostly an outside map which also includes an outdoor waterfall for players to Surf past and enjoy while fighting.
  • Greatriver 2015 is primarily a Classic Deathmatch server and is a recreated version of surf_greatdiver by Black.

This map, however, was made by JorisCeoen Gaming Reviews who gave the map an aesthetic overhaul as well.

Some other changes were made to the map were also made to improve the skill balancing.[gg-affiliate text=" STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE" url="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=544543166&searchtext=surf_greatriver_2015" nofollow="yes" new_tab="yes" bg_color="#F05A22" color="#fff" border_radius="5px" padding="12px 18px" fon_size="14px" align="center" text_align="center" width="100%"].


Surf 4fun gets regular updates and while this map has 2016 in the name, this is only the year it was first made. This map has received a 2020 update to make changes to the balance, fix old bugs and to adjust the music volume due to the complaints they received.

Creator Vedeshka listens to those who play the map and are willing to update it as needed. This map is set in the sky above a large mountain range with a beautiful otherworldly sky with a ringed planet. Bots cannot be spawned on this map as it automatically kicks them from the game and dying will put you into the Jail.

To rest the level you run the command “reset_expo”.[gg-affiliate text=" STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE" url="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=765019290&searchtext=surf_4fun_2016" nofollow="yes" new_tab="yes" bg_color="#F05A22" color="#fff" border_radius="5px" padding="12px 18px" fon_size="14px" align="center" text_align="center" width="100%"].


Unsurprisingly, Surf Egypt2 is set in Egypt and shows similar aspects as the famous CSGO map Dust 2! It was created by Charles “Mariowned” Joyce who also created the original Surf_Egypt map for Counter-Strike: Source. This person also invented “Surfing” maps and was the one who started this back in Counter-Strike 1.6. There is also a link to a download for the Surf_ Egypt2 port which makes it available for Counter-Strike: Source.

While the map can be opened alone, there is an IP command included in the description for this map where players can join a server. This is not an easy map to play and new Surfers will find it challenging but this difficulty level also keeps players constantly coming back to it.The detailed map and ability level are the driving factors for why players keep returning to the map.

It was only posted in 2019 but this has already become one of the best Surfing maps around and considering the creators' previous record, it's easy to see this is such a good map.[gg-affiliate text=" STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE" url="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1672702362&searchtext=Surf_" nofollow="yes" new_tab="yes" bg_color="#F05A22" color="#fff" border_radius="5px" padding="12px 18px" fon_size="14px" align="center" text_align="center" width="100%"].

This one might be the most 'basic' map on our shortlist but that doesn't mean it's not good. It's set in an enclosed room with walls to jump over and different ramp segments for players to jump between. Due to the amount of jumping on this map, it's not one that many beginners consider to be simple to do with all of the jumping and turning around.

Surf Master looks deceptively simple due to bland looking room you spawn into. The reality is completely different, however.

What Surf Master lacks in terms of aesthetics, it makes up for in terms of skill level. The description for this map called it "fun and easy" and this definitely won't be too tricky for people with experience but this is not a Tier 1 map for most players. Some players do find this somewhat easy but for newcomers, this is a good map to choose if you want something to practice on for a while.

It allows for different movements and lets you practice a range of things here. This is also a fantastic map to play alone.[gg-affiliate text=" STEAM WORKSHOP PAGE" url="https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=506206340&searchtext=Surf+Master" nofollow="yes" new_tab="yes" bg_color="#F05A22" color="#fff" border_radius="5px" padding="12px 18px" fon_size="14px" align="center" text_align="center" width="100%"].

Surf Master

To play on a CSGO Surfing server you'll want to do the following:. Click on “Play”. In the top-left dropdown menu, select the "Community Server Browser" option. Type in “Surf” for the Tags section at the bottom.

Locate the one you want to join then click Connect. Clicking the “Players” tab at the top will also put the most populated servers first. Surfing Servers usually race-focused which adds a different level to Surfing and Deathmatches in CS GO.

It is advised that you start playing on solo maps until you kinda understand how to stay on the ramps at least.In order to connect to a CSGO Server using an IP Address you will need to do the following:.

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