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Mar 18, 2003 Dan Brown the Da Vinci code pdf book is very popular and it is very common to find people searching for where to get the Da Vinci code book download. Here on Knowdemia, we have made the Da Vinci Code pdf free download possible.

The Da Vinci Code PDF” is novel which includes thriller, mystery,fiction and conspiracy. This novel was written by Dan Brown in April 2003. Thisis the second novel of Robert Langdon series. This novel is preceded by Angeland demons (Robert Langdon series first novel) and was written in 2000. The DaVinci code is followed by “The Last Symbol” which was written in 2009. Anothernovel of this series is “Inferno”.
The main characters of this novel include Robert Langdon asymbologist and Sophie Neveu a cryptologist. There has been a murder at LouverMuseum of Sophie’s grandfather. After that murder Robert and Sophie becomeinvolved in the argument and battle between Priory of Sion and Opus Dei. Thisbattle is over the argument that Mary Magdalene might have been married toJesus Christ. The novel reveals history about Holy Grail and role of MaryMagdalene in history of Christianity.
Davinci Code Malayalam Pdf Free Download
This novel was criticized for its scientific and historicalinaccuracies. Many Christian’s dominations throughout the world considered thisnovel as an attack on Roman Catholic Church. Instead of being criticized thisbook became the best seller of year 2009. 80 million copies of this novel hadbeen sold. This novel was translated in 44 different languages which show itsfame and popularity.
“The Templar Revelation” which was published in 1997 had beenused as a research material for this novel. This novel also refers to the book“Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” (1982) but author clearly started that he didnot use this book as a research material.

After its publication this book achieved great success in year2003. At that time “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix” was the onlybook whose more copies were sold than this book.

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When it was published this book received a lot of critics forinaccurate description of European history and art and facts of Christianity.This novel has mostly received negative comments and reviews from Christian andCatholic communities.
Writer of New York Times Laura Miller characterized this novelas bogus and non-sense. Many people have criticized Dan Brown for distortinghistory.
Maria Ford said that this novel is totally based on fancy whichmeans Dan Brown has not researched about the topic clearly. She said thatwhenever writer represents historical facts, he should research them carefullyand write them correctly whether it’s a fictional book or non-fiction. DanBrown has violated an unspoken agreement with his readers. Historical factsshould remain unchanged.
Richard Abanes said that Dan Brown does not disagree withChristianity but he willingly disagrees with it to rewrite the historicalevents. After rewriting events Dan Brown wants to spread them on the name offacts and a lot of scholars and historians agree with it.
The main criticization this book received was on the topic of“Priory of Sion”. Some critics claim that there is no such organization howevera lot of people believe that a French Secret society which was founded in 1099actually exists critics say that this society was just a hoax created by Pierrein 1965.
Davinci Code Malayalam Pdf Free Download
Author claims that all the information on artwork, architecture,secret rituals described in this novel are totally accurate while many academicscholars and experts deny it.
While promoting his novel, author was asked by interviewersabout the accuracy of events in this novel. Dan answered that all the historyevents are true and happened.
Thus he was asked at many events and occasions about accuracy offacts and he always said that they all are true and actually happened. Insteadof being criticized by scholars and experts millions of copies of this bookwere sold throughout the world.

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