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The Glitch effect modules include tape stop, modulator, retrigger, shuffler, reverser, crusher, gater, delay and stretcher. There are also global controls for overdrive distortion, selectable filter settings and a master overall effect mixer control. There is a randomizer for the sequence steps, effects or both. Glitch also has built in templates and preset banks of settings and effects in standard vst fxb format bank files which can be saved and loaded. DBlue Glitch works especially well with drum loops and percussive sounds but works well with other types of audio as well. Musicians and artist of electronic, techno, house and experimental idm genres of music will find Glitch an extremely effective tool within their audio toolboxes.”*. Source : Illformed. Here are the best free tape stop VST plugins to add the tape-stop audio effect to your favorite digital audio workstation. We have included tape stop plugins for both Windows and Mac computers. What Is A Tape Stop Effect? A tape stop effect is an audio edit made to sound like the sudden stopping of a piece of magnetic tape. This can be done in various ways, but the most common technique is quickly cutting off the input signal to a recorder while it’s still playing. This produces a loud popping or banging noise. The tape stop effect was once popular to create suspenseful music effects in movies and TV shows, but digital editing techniques have largely replaced it. Nevertheless, it can still be heard occasionally in older films and TV shows. Related: 20 Free Tape Emulator VST Plugins. We have listed free tape stop VST plugins for you to add that analog feel to your digital productions. These plugins work with all major DAWs such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Reaper, and more. Instructions: Click the links below to visit each Tape Stop plugin. Look around each website for the download link or button. Do not install any suspicious software. Cassette Transport is a tape stop effect plugin in VST format. One of its main offerings is tape stop emulation, which includes physical noise from the buttons and rotor of a cassette tape transport. It is one of the best plugins in this category because of the high quality of its emulation. You can get that tape-like sound with the touch of a button. Plus, it’s totally free. Download: Cassette Transport | OS: Windows / Mac / VST / VST3 / AAX. Cassette Transport VST Preview. Tapestop is an easy-to-use VST plugin that helps you create the time-stretched sound that happens when you press the stop button on a tape deck. This enables you to achieve the tape-stop effect without using a tape deck or any other hardware. The plugin is one of the best options available because of its simplicity and the range of sounds it can create. You can use Tapestop to create tape-stop effects, glitches, and other unusual sounds. It is available for Windows users only. Download: Plugin | OS: Windows. If you’re looking for an awesome tape stop VST plugin that can add analog vibes and scratches to your track, look no further than iZotope Vinyl. This plugin is easy to use, with on-the-fly tweaking and menu browsing right from hardware controls. You can keep your mind on your music without having to worry about the minutiae. Plus, the Lo-fi Effect enables you to add the saturated, worn timbre of late-80s hip-hop to your music in an instant. iZotope Vinyl is one of the best tape stop VST plugins available on the market. You can’t go wrong with this plugin. It is available for Mac users. Download: iZotope Vinyl | OS: Mac. If you’re looking for an exciting and unique VST effect plugin, Glitch is definitely worth checking out. A multi-effect sequencer allows you to apply various effects to incoming audio, divided into individual steps of multiple lengths. This can then be looped, and there are controls to adjust the level and amount of the effect, as well as the length of the sequence. There’s also a randomizer for both effects and sequences. The plugin also has built-in templates and preset banks, which can be saved and loaded. You can easily get lost in creating unique effects with this plugin, and it’s great for those looking for something different. Glitch, without any doubt, is one of the best free tape stop VST plugins available and definitely worth checking out by any music producer. It is available for Windows users. Download: Glitch | OS: Windows. Vinylizer is a tape stop VST plugin that simulates the typical damaged sound of an old vinyl record. This plugin is perfect for adding vintage character to your audio tracks. It allows you to simulate and manipulate the noise dust, the record decentralization, the high-frequency damage, the rotational speed, and the typical stop effect of a turntable with an adjustable stop time. If you’re looking to add some charming vintage feel to your audio tracks, Vinylizer is a plugin you won’t want to miss. It’s only available for Windows users. Download: Vinylizer | OS: Windows. This tape stop VST plugin is designed for live scratching and tape stop effects. It has an envelope control that defines how the stop button works on the audio signal. This can create some cool effects, such as a scratch sequence. You can also define up to 16 points in a synchronized beat grid. This will help you create cool tape stop effects on the fly. Additionally, the plugin has a built-in limiter to prevent clipping. If you’re looking for a tape stop VST plugin that is simple to use and sounds great, then you’ll want to check this one out.
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