Ddj 1000 Traktor

Alright yall, super generic post I know. But i'm looking to upgrade and invest in a mid level controller for my home setup and I can't decide between these two!

Currently i'm an events DJ who works for a company that provides XDJ-XZ's so i'm familiar with the Pioneer ecosystem. I currently have some opportunities to play club events in the near future as well, and I know one of these has a CDJ setup.

Truthfully i'm not in love with Pioneer however, I understand the reputations it's garnered and the reliability of their hardware. The Traktor S4 motorized jog wheels , the ability to play with stems, and the loop dynamic on it seems like a lot of fun and more engaging to play with at home. Maybe this is just gimmicky BS but I can't help but be attracted to it. Also the S4 just fits on my desk better because it's smaller. The thing that sucks is that it doesn't have the full size platters but that's the sacrifice I have to make for it to be smaller.

Ultimately I feel compelled to buy the DDJ-1000 because it's closer to "club standard" but I already feel comfortable rolling up to a Pioneer setup with a USB. Is it that important for my homesetup to be closer to a CDJ?

P.S. I want to run a DVS setup or CDJ on a 3rd channel at some point

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