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In this head to head feature we pit two entry-level controllers from Pioneer DJ: the DDJ-RB, which has been the go-to controller for those starting out who want to spin with Rekordbox DJ, and the just-released DDJ-400 which effectively replaces it. Though the DDJ-400 is fresher, there are some differences between the two that new DJs will want to take a look at before deciding which one to get, and we’ve got them laid out here for you:. One of the biggest differences between the DDJ-400 and the DDJ-RB is in how they let you tweak FX. The DDJ-RB has what you’d traditionally find on Pioneer DJ DDJ controllers: you get an FX control section at the top of each jogwheel consisting of three buttons and a knob, and they work independently of each other. The DDJ-400 does away with the per-deck FX section and rolls it all into one Beat FX strip that sits beside the mixer section. You are able to cycle through Rekordbox DJ’s FX, make beat length changes, and choose which of the two channels are effected by the Beat FX here. You can also control the overall level of the Beat FX, as well as turning the Beat FX on or off. This is consistent with the FX tweaking experience found on Pioneer DJ’s club-standard DJM-900NXS2 mixer, as well as cheaper mixers like the DJM-450 and DJM-750MK2.
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