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Hi friends this is first time that I am sharing something other than C program on this blog.In this post I am going to share some useful Turbo C keyboard shortcuts.I am sure that with the help of these shortcuts you can increase your working speed in TC compiler.

Keyboard shortcuts make developers/programmers productive. The support forkeyboard shortcuts is feature rich in Eclipse.

Press Ctrl+Shift+L,Ctrl+Shift+L ( Ctrl+Shift+Ltwice). You will get the keyboard shortcut lists window

  1. You might be interested in learning best VSCode keyboard shortcuts after already gaining some experience with basics of vscode (or change them to your own vsc key bindings) from this article to advance your knowledge of vscode keyboard shortcuts which should improve efficiency writing code and increase overall productivity.
  2. Apr 25, 2017 Eclipse supports of course the typical shortcuts, e.g. Ctrl+S for saving, Ctrl+C for copying the selected text or file and Ctrl+V for pasting the element currently in the clipboard. Shortcuts on Mac OS.
  3. Hello, I’m struggling to find anyone with the same problem as I have, namely using Turbo C with a Scandinavian keyboard-layout. My layout uses AltGr+7 and AltGr+0 to get curly braces but when an Alt-key is pressed the menu shortcut gets activated so that it waits for, say, an F to enter File and so on.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio 2013, the current version, are available online. Keyboard shortcuts for previous versions differ somewhat, and are also available online. Some tools, such as the Forms Designer, may not be entirely keyboard accessible. XCode: C/C: Yes: XCode supports both gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Dev C Shortcut Keys Pdf

4.5.1. Schemes¶

The default scheme is the set of shortcuts of Eclipse. For users migratingfrom other IDEs (like EMACS/MSVC), Eclipse can be configured to use thoseshortcuts.

4.5.2. Context Sensitive¶

The keyboard shortcuts are context sensitive. e.g. while editing textAlt+Down moves line down. While in text views, it goes to nextunread tasks.

4.5.3. Search Existing Keyboard Shortcuts¶

Its difficult to remember so many keyboard shortcuts. But in Eclipse, you caneasily search for the shortcuts. Just press Ctrl+Shift+L twice,and type in the filter. Here is an image of searching only forhierarchy

You can also see the description.


4.5.4. Create New Keyboard Shortcuts¶

For pre-existing actions, user can also create new keyboard shortcuts.

  1. Select the command from list
  2. Select Binding and key in the shortcut
  3. If needed, select When that shortcut should be active.
  4. If the keyboard shortcut has a conflict, it would be triggered inConflicts. (So that you don’t make mistake of assigningsame keyboard shortcuts to more than one thing)

4.5.5. Update/Extend Existing Keyboard Shortcuts¶

Just like Create New Keyboard Shortcuts, you can update existingkeyboard shortcut.

4.5.6. Multi Key Keyboard Shortcuts¶

Pressing Ctrl+ShiftL once opens a preview of keyboard shortcuts.Pressing Ctrl+ShiftL twice (Ctrl+ShiftL,Ctrl+ShiftL)opens the preferences on keyboard shortcuts. , is the delimiter.

4.5.7. Different Keyboard Shortcuts¶

Shortcut Keys In Microsoft Word

What if you want to use “Different” keyboard shortcuts for the same operation?

Dev C++ Shortcut Keys

  1. Select the command
  2. Press Copy Command
  3. Now you have different keyboard shortcut. Just update thisshortcut/command as described in Create New Keyboard Shortcuts.

4.5.8. Delete/Revert Keyboard Shortcuts¶

What if you want to delete all the keyboard shortcuts/customizations, pressRestore Defaults

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