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Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue continues the adventure of the first game, Diner Dash, and improves it considerably. Diner Dash is an extremely fun arcade game that any fan of the series will love. The main character, Diner Dash, is a waitress who works at a diner just like the original game's character, Flo. However, she works not at the diner but in another building just like the original game's Flo.

Free Game for Puzzle Fans

The objective of each level is to rescue the poor Flo and deliver her back to the diner she works at. Unlike its predecessor, Diner Dash 2 features a new storyline which sheds more light on Flo's situation and her daily life. This also introduces a new cast of characters, some returning from the first game, and introduces a few new ones. Diner Dash 2 features new courses and minigames, and uses the fundamentals of the first game, where you must save Flo until you reach the final stage.

The basic gameplay of the game remains the same, where you have to save Flo until she is rescued by the greedy landlord. However, the difference here is that now, instead of getting stuck in one particular spot, you will move from side to side, going up to down, while dealing with some tricky situations as well as some pitfalls and puzzles.

Some of the challenges in Diner Dash 2 are similar to the ones you had in the first game. For example, there's the platformer where you have to save Flo until you can reach the bottom of the map, there's the obstacle course where you have to move and collect items, and there's the spa where you have to wash off the various ingredients used in cooking. However, most of the problems in Diner Dash 2 are much more challenging than the ones you faced in the first game, and they require your wit, reflexes, and a little bit of teamwork.

Becoming the Perfect Waitress

Diner Dash 2 is a fast paced puzzle game that follows the same theme and style as the original offering. The game promises to be just as much fun as the original but with plenty of fresh challenges to complete. The basic concept of Diner Dash 2 is pretty simple, which makes it easy for players to get into the game straight away. Players take on the role of a waitress in a busy restaurant who has to make sure that each and every customer gets what they ordered and goes away satisfied.

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