Diner Dash 4

6,392 downloadsUpdated: April 6, 2012AD-SUPPORTED . Diner Dash 4 - Flo Through Time is a time management game where you'll take on the role of the famous Flo as she improves her restaurant management abilities. There are five restaurants you must travel to and there are ten different levels you must complete on each.

If you can't handle all the customers, make sure you hire some help. Create power-ups by performing the same actions several times, or by sitting same colored customers at the table. Use the mouse to play the game.


NOTE: If you want the add free version, use the buy link. 20 seconds add screen. This enables Disqus, Inc. to process some of your data. Disqus privacy policy. 7 screenshots:. Diner Dash: Hometown Hero is the fourth installment in the Diner Dash series of casual games.

It was developed and published by PlayFirst, KatGames and Big Splash Games. it was launched on September 25, 2007. Flo returns to her hometown to visit her Grandma Florence and spend a vacation with her, they first arrive to the Zoo to visit the animals but discover the zoo to be desolate and void.


When Flo & Grandma have lunch at the Safari Café they see how terrible the service is, when a waiter tells them the zoo is lackluster due to the city hall cutting it's funding Flo and Grandma eventually bring life back to the zoo and rejuvenate it.

Expansion Packs

Flo and Grandma head the Baseball Stadium to watch the big game tonight, but discover that attendance is poor and service is terrible.


Flo resolves to restore the baseball stadium to its prime again with Grandma's help of course.

New Features

Versus Assistant

Flo and Grandma Florence head to the Museum to enjoy some history but find the place to be in poor condition.

Museum Grill

The Janitor is also the Waiter, Cook and Curator. Flo and Grandma once again restore the museum and bring back tourists.

Safari Café at the Zoo

Flo and Grandma celebrate the day by going down to the Amusement Park and enjoy a delicious funnel cake for a nice sunset meal but find the park to be in a terrible condition.

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