Diner Dash 5 Free Online

First, seating customers is important - once they are seated, take their order and deliver it to the chef so he can cook their meal.
As soon as it is ready, deliver it with a smile and let them enjoy their tasty dishes!

Finally, clear the plates away and receive payment!

It may seem simple but timing is key. Players must think about the order in which they complete tasks.
Also, players must remember that the waitress can carry more than one item at the same time - this allows multiple tasks to be completed at once.
The money players earn can be used to upgrade the restaurant.

Upgrade your restaurant and make it a stylish eatery

Players can purchase new items such as shop blinds, more tables, and cool decorations. This all helps to make the restaurant more popular and attract even more guests.


This is one of the most interesting free online games we feature and is one of our top-rated cooking games.

This free to play game will give you a real taste of the hectic world of waitressing.
Play diner dash today and see how many happy customers you can manage.
Features and Description
Diner Dash was developed by Playfirst.
Release Date
You can play Diner Dash for free in your web browser at CrazyGames.


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Where can I download Diner Dash?

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