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Doraemon Story of Season is a farm simulation video game based on role-playing. It can be played on both Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch which is another version of the Story of Seasons sequence of video games as well as the franchise of Doraemon. The developer of this game is Marvelous and Brownies and the publisher is Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The release of this title can mark the first and last release of the video game to western viewers. The setting of this game is a place called Natura and towards the middle of this land, there is the mysterious Big Tree. Along with his friends, Doraemon will take their roles across the town. The entire theme of this game is to create bonds with residents of the town and in the process of doing this; they can enjoy the best interactions through every character and role which are played by them in the story.

The gameplay of this game is very interesting and it offers a lot of collectables. By updating your acquisitions, you’ll get access to better ways of earning money, and then you can start rinsing and repeating with the same kind of loop that is even more attractive even when you can hit the chores and miss them. There are fossils, gems and amber that you can sell or trade and the latest material to upgrade the game.

There are a lot of exciting features you can get by playing this game. You need to know these feature if you are a new player.

Take a look below to know about some of its features:.

Upgrade your farm .

  • As you keep moving ahead through the different seasons, you can make use of the money that you earn from upgrading your farm in many ways.
  • Whether you choose to renovate your home to develop a kitchen or purchase a good fishing rod, you can chase the upcoming improvement is very irresistible.
  • Farm simulation elements .
  • Mining is one of the most essential components of all farming simulation games you’ll play and this is not an exception.

As you keep cutting across the ground, you will discover paths deep in the mine.

  • The more low you go, the more valued items you can discover.
  • Enhanced graphics . Graphics are a major element of all video games.
  • As far as you consider that aspect, this game has highly enhanced graphics from all the earlier versions.
  • You’ll find way too amazing graphics in this game and all of it can make your gaming experience way more exciting.
  • Interesting storyline . The next feature to talk about here is the storyline that follows through this game.
  • It is so interesting that you don’t feel bored even for a while.
  • There are many realistic elements in the storyline of this game and you’ll enjoy playing the game with these elements.
  • If you love playing farm simulation games, you’ll love this one too.

There are a lot of real-time farm simulation elements in this game and all of them can make your gaming experience worthwhile.

  1. You can play it across various platforms which are another good thing about this game.
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