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Doraemon racing games have constantly been some of the most appreciated games you could find and play on this page, so of course, we would be very excited to bring you new ones, and we want to give you the chance to race with these characters using all sorts of vehicles, which is why this latest addition is one of the best bicycle racing games of the category!To begin racing, you need to pick the character that you want to be, having options such as Doraemon, Nobita, Gian, and Shizuka. Each of them will have their own model of bike and know that to win the whole game you have to take part in a total of ten races, each new one harder than the last one, and with new and fun tracks each time!Use the arrow keys to drive and balance your bike, and balancing is very important, because if you crash you have failed the level and have to start it again. This is not always easy, because the tracks are full of ups and downs. Obviously, make sure to be the first one reaching and crossing the finish line to win the race, and if you also get there in a fast time, even better.Along the tracks there are going to be bells that you have to collect, so try to bike through them to grab them and have a score as big as the number of bells you’ve collected. No matter how difficult a race might seem, if you give it your best and you focus, you will be the winner!

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We want you guys to have a great time playing on our website, and for that, the main categories are going to be re-newed in 2021, where you have the chance to meet with amazing characters, stories, movies or cartoons that you love from TV, Youtube, Netflix or from your favorite console games like Fortnite or Cyberpunk.

Today, we are bringing you new information about the Doraemon story which is one of the oldest on our website, but new 2021 Doraemon games are still appearing and we are publishing them so that all the boys and girls on our website can play them even on your mobile phones and tablets for free.

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