Dos 6.22 Bootable Iso

Ms Dos 6.22 Bootable Iso

44 gold badges2424 silver badges2626 bronze badges. 2626 bronze badges. Ok I got it working with an old IBM Thinkpad.Here are the steps I took:. Get the Dos6.22 IMG file from here as you already did. With RMPrepUSB (I'm using v.2.1.739) select File->Drive. Go through the prompts and let it put all the files from the ISO onto the USB stick. Copy ALL the files on the USB stick to somewhere on your hard drive (these should be the only files in the folder). "In the Copy OS files from here" section, put the folder that you just copied all the files from the USB stick to. In Sec.3 select MS-DOS bootable. In Sec.4 select FAT16 on the left, and "Boot as HDD" and "Use 64hd"**.
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