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Download Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

Windows 10 ISO images are available for download for everyone. Microsoft makes the ISO files available so that users can download and clean, install / update Windows without any problems.

Microsoft provides multiple ways to download and install the latest version of Windows. We will discuss the ways in detail in this article. The Windows 10 setup comes in the form of an ISO file.

An ISO is a single file containing all Windows 10 installation media. The ISO file can be burned on a USB drive or a DVD drive to make the drive bootable. You can also extract the contents of the ISO file and install Windows from extracted files.

How to Free Download Windows 10 ISO 64/32 Bit Full Version

But this limits your ability to clean install the Operating System.

  • You will only be able to install the OS without formatting the primary C drive.
  • There are two types of ISO files. One is the normal Windows 10 ISO file which contains all consumer-level editions of Windows including Home, Pro, etc.
  • The second type of ISO is the enterprise version of Windows. You can choose the Windows 10 ISO download according to your requirements. You can also download and install Windows 11 ISO files.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 DownloadWindows 10 direct download links. Windows 10 direct download links. Now let’s discuss Windows download methods.


Windows 10 Version 21H2 64-bit English (5.5 GiB, 3,367 hits).

Windows 10 Version 21H2 32-bit English (3.9 GiB, 1,831 hits).

Download Windows 10 Version 21H1 ISO 64-bit English (5.4 GiB, 151,947 hits).

Download Windows 10 Version 21H1 ISO 32-bit English (3.8 GiB, 27,895 hits). Windows 10 Version 20H2 64-bit English (5.7 GiB, 118,111 hits).

Windows 10 Version 20H2 32-bit English (4.2 GiB, 33,843 hits).

Download Windows 10 Version 2004 64-bit.ISO (English) (4.9 GiB, 456,678 hits). Download Windows 10 Version 2004 32-bit.ISO (English) (3.5 GiB, 55,890 hits).

Windows 10 Version 1909 64-bit English (5.0 GiB, 456,194 hits).

Download Windows 10 Insider Preview

Windows 10 Version 1909 32-bit English (3.5 GiB, 31,317 hits). The ISOs downloaded from the above-mentioned links contain the following Windows 10 Editions:.

Windows 10 Home | Core. Windows 10 Home N | CoreN. Windows 10 Home Single Language | CoreSingleLanguage. Windows 10 Education | Education. Windows 10 Education N | EducationN. Windows 10 Pro | Professional. Windows 10 Pro N | ProfessionalN. Windows 10 Pro Education | ProfessionalEducation.

Windows 10 Pro Education N | ProfessionalEducationN.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations | ProfessionalWorkstation. Windows 10 Pro N for Workstations | ProfessionalWorkstationN.

Windows 10 also comes with other SKUs, including Windows 10 Enterprise. You will need to download the enterprise edition separately.

The download links for the enterprise version are listed below.

Windows 10 System Requirements for 32/64 Bit

If you already use Windows on your system, this is the easiest way to upgrade to the latest version.

If the update assistant does not download the ISO file for you, it automatically updates your Operating System to the latest version.

You will need an active internet connection before the update assistant completes the process. Follow the steps below to upgrade your Operating System.

Download Windows Update Assistant from here [6 MB]. Run the executable and click on the Update Now button.

The assistant will check the compatibility of the latest Windows version with your hardware. This should be fine if you are using a modern PC. Click the Next button to start the download. It will take some time for the download to complete, and then the installation will start automatically.The system may ask you to restart to proceed with the installation.

If you want to do a new installation of Windows 10, then you can download the Windows 10 Windows Media Creation tool. This will automatically download Windows and create a bootable media like USB or DVD for you.

The media creation tool acts as a Windows 10 download tool plus a bootable USB builder.

You can perform a clean install and upgrade your current installation. Follow the steps below:. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation tool from here.

Accept the License Agreement. Select Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC.

The first option for Upgrade PCs will now do the same thing as Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant. Select Language, Edition and Architecture from the next screen.

Select the installation media, or if you haven’t plugged in the USB flash drive or DVD, you may download the bootable ISO file. You can easily access any version of Windows 10 from this Microsoft download link.

Product key and installation

The problem with this link is that if you open the link on a Windows 10 PC, it automatically detects and forces the user to download the media creation tool first. The media creation tool can download the ISO, but it is not pleasant.

If you want to use the download manager, you will need the direct download links.

Here, we will discuss how to download Windows 10 ISO directly without Media Creation Tool.

This method is useful especially when you want to download the ISO in any other language of choice other than English.

The supported languages include the following:.

English (United States). English (United Kingdom). Chinese (Simplified). Portuguese (Brazilian). French (Canada). Spanish (Latin America).

Microsoft Windows 10 Download

Chinese (Traditional). Let’s first understand the logic. Microsoft’s media creation tool is only for Windows. If you open the same page using another device, like Android, MacOS, etc., Microsoft will give you the download links.

We can trick Microsoft into thinking that we are not using Windows. This can be done if you are using Google Chrome, Firefox or even Safari. We will only discuss how to do this in Chrome and Firefox. For Chrome, follow the instructions below:.

Open Microsoft Windows 10 download webpage on Google Chrome. Press Ctrl + Shift + i to open the Inspect panel. Press the three vertical dots icon in the top right corner of the inspect window.

Go to More Tools –> Network Conditions. Under User Agent, uncheck select automatically.

The above steps will enable a drop-down list just below the checkbox. Select anything other than Windows. For example, I chose Chrome OS.

Without closing the Inspect panel, hit the reload button or press F5. This will re-open the same Windows 10 download page but with a drop-down menu to select the edition of Windows ISO you want to download.

Select the Windows 10 edition to download (normally the top one, which is the latest) and press the Confirm button. Next, you will need to select the product language.

Choose which language you want to download the ISO in and click the Confirm button. You will be provided with two buttons on the next screen.64-bit Download32-bit DownloadClick on the appropriate link and the download will start immediately.

Windows 10 Tips and FAQs

Please note that these download links will only be valid for 24-hours.

Table of contents

You need to complete the download process before the expiration time. If you are using Firefox, you can use the user agent switcher add-on to change the user agent. As the name suggests, Windows 10 Enterprise Edition is for IT pros and large enterprises, as it includes features like deployment, updates and support across the organization, managed advanced protection against modern security threats, device and app management controls, etc.

Windows 10 ISO 64/32 Bit Free Download Full Version – 4 Ways

These features are not available in the normal edition of Windows 10. Check out the differences between Windows 10 editions. You can freely download the evaluation version of Windows 10 Enterprise. Here’s how to download Windows 10 Enterprise edition:.

Windows 10 direct download links

Go to Microsoft’s evaluation center page. Under Windows Evaluations / Windows 10 Enterprise, expand Start your evaluation. Select your evaluation file type.

Method 2. Download Windows 10 64/32 Bit ISO File

There are two editions available:ISO – EnterpriseISO – LTSCLTSC is a long term support channel, which will be supported for a longer period of time. Fill in the evaluation form, which includes your name, company name, company size, job title, work email address, work phone number, and country.

Download Windows 10 using the Windows Media Creation Tool

Press the Continue button when you’re done. On the next screen, select your platform (32-bit or 64-bit) and then select your language. Windows 10 Enterprise ISO is available in 11 languages. Clicking on the Download button will immediately start the download.

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