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  • Want to download Electrum wallet on your Android device and unsure how? Here in this video we will be sharing step wise process on how you can download and i.
  • Tap: 'OK' to allow Abra to send your phone push notifications; Virtual Tour of your portfolio. The 'Add Money' description will provide some additional information on how to add money to your wallet. Tap: 'I'll do this later' or the 'add money' button to add money to your wallet. The 'Exchange' description.
  • Abra is a mobile app that lets you buy, spend, and send bitcoin in an easy way. The app is designed to open bitcoin to the mainstream world. It’s easy to use – even if you have no prior knowledge of bitcoin and how it works. The app also functions as a mobile wallet where you hold onto your private keys. Today, Abra is available worldwide.
  1. Download Abra Wallet For Android App

Multi Currency Crypto Wallet. Crypto Wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet with multiple currencies for iOS, Android and desktop devices. We have gathered all the necessary features to provide you with full cryptocurrency experience so you can buy, exchange, send and manage 150+ coins in one place.

Welcome to the review of Abra. Before we jump into the review, I’d like to mention that Abra is a truly unique trading app which offers no-KYC stock trading (the only one in the world we know of). For this reason, we highly recommend Abra as a non-custodial stockbroker (you hold your own funds – not a company).

General Information
Trading PlatformsMobile Apps
Minimum Deposit0
Maximum LeverageNo leverage
Demo Account
Pros & Cons
  • Private & Secure
  • You Control your own Funds
  • 0 Commissions
  • Available in 150 Countries
  • Easy to Use
  • Access via app only

What is Abra?

Abra is a non-custodial global trading app which offers Crypto, Stock & ETF trading all from one mobile app. It is one of the only apps in the world to offer stock trading without any identity checks – that’s right, you don’t have to provide any ID documentation whatsoever.


  • No KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • 0 commissions
  • No minimum deposit
  • IOS & Google Play Apps
  • Deposit with cryptocurrency

Trust & Safety

Is Abra safe?

Yes. Abra is a safe trading app in our opinion. It is fully non-custodial, meaning that you have control over your own funds, and for that reason, it is a safe as you are.

  • Funds held by you
  • Secure log in

Trading & Account

What can you trade on Abra?

  • Crypto
  • Stocks
  • ETFs

Account Types

Abra has one main account type which offers all of the features on the trading app.

Regular Abra Account

The regular Abra account provides you with access to all markets on the app.

  • 0 commissions
  • $5 minimum trades
  • Fund with crypto

To open an Abra account, click here.


Download Abra Wallet For Android

Abra does not offer leverage on any of the trading instruments available. Leverage is a system which allows you to trade with more than your balance. Check out our favourite leverage trading platform; Trading 212.

How to register on Abra

See the instructions below to open an account on Abra today.

  1. Get the app
  2. Register

    Once you’ve downloaded the app, simply enter your details and your account will become active

  3. Fund account

    Fund your account via the deposit methods available

  4. Start trading

    Now you’re all set up, you can trade on the Abra app

Demo Account

Abra app does not offer a demo account, although it has very low minimum trades of $5, so you can get started without risking much capital

Download Abra Wallet For Android


The Abra app has very low fees across the board. See the table below for more information.

Abra Fees
Deposit Fees Free for crypto, 4% for debit/credit card & 0.25% for bank transfers
Withdrawal Fees Free
Trading Fees 0
Transferring Funds to another Abra account Free

Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit Methods

There are 7 main ways in which you can fund your Abra account. The method you use depends on your personal preferences and location. Below you will find a table which provides greater detail on the deposit methods available on Abra.

Abra Deposit Methods
ACH Free $500 – $40,000 per day Up to 1 business day
SEPA 0.25% $1,000 – $2,000 per day 1-2 business days
AMEX 4% $200 per day Up to 1 business day
Visa & Mastercard 4% ($10 fee for amounts less than $200) $50 – $20,000 per day Instantly
Teller 2% No Abra limits Varies
Cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, BCH, or ETH) Free No limits Instantly

How to deposit on Abra

To deposit on the Abra app, go to > ‘Add Money’ (located on the bottom bar) > select your deposit method and proceed to make the deposit.

Minimum Deposit

There is no minimum deposit on Abra.

Are there any deposit fees on Abra?

Due to the non-custodial nature of Abra, there are occasionally some deposit fees with the payment processors. On the other hand, it is completely free to fund your account with cryptocurrencies. For more information on the deposit methods, see the table above.

Withdrawal Methods

There are 2 withdrawal methods on the Abra app.

Abra Withdrawal Methods
Withdrawal MethodAbraFee
Cryptocurrencies Free
Bank Transfer Free

How to withdraw from the Abra app?

To withdraw from Abra, go to the ‘Withdraw’ section in the bottom right hand corner, select your desired withdrawal method and then proceed to make the withdrawal.

Minimum Withdrawal

There is no minimum withdrawal on Abra as it is a non-custodial trading app.

Are there any withdrawal fees on Abra?

Abra does not charge any withdrawal fees although some bank providers may charge a small fee.

Bonuses & Promotions

Abra has a great promotion whereby you can get $25 free for depositing only $5. This is one of the easiest and most honest bonuses we have seen from a trading app. To get your free $25, simply use this link to download the app and sign up. After you’ve got that sweet bonus, check out our other great bonuses.

Customer Support

Abra has a brilliant support system which is expected from a trading app of this calibre. We really like the fact you can get in touch with them via social media if you need help. They also have a very comprehensive self-support helpdesk.

Download Abra Wallet For Android App

Abra Support
Email[email protected]
TwitterAbra Twitter

Abra App FAQs

Abra App

Abra is primarily a mobile app, use the links below to download the mobile app.


In conclusion, Abra is a very unique trading app which provides one of the best all round trading experiences for beginner & advanced traders all over the world. We especially like how easy the app is to use and how quickly you can get started trading.

The Google Play description certainly sounds like a custodial wallet:

Abra is the world’s first global investment app that enables you to invest in hundreds of cryptocurrencies* like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Monero, and many more all in one app.

As we can’t find a word on security or their source code or about the user being in control we conclude for now this is a custodial app which gives it our verdict: not verifiable.


Custodial: The provider holds the coins
As the provider of this app holds the users coins, verifiability of the app is not relevant to the security of the funds!

This verdict means that the app might or might not publish source code and maybe it is even possible to reproduce the build from the source code but as it is custodial, the provider already has exclusive control over the funds, so it is not a wallet where you would be in sole control of your funds.

Custodial wallets might not be the worst option for all users.

  • Do your own research if the provider is trust-worthy.
  • Do you know at least enough about them so you can sue them when you have to?
  • Is the provider under a jurisdiction that will allow them to release your funds when you need them?
  • Is the provider taking security measures proportional to the amount of funds secured? If they have a million users and don’t use cold storage, that hot wallet is a million times more valuable for hackers to attack. A million times more effort will be taken by hackers to infiltrate their security systems. Will they detect when for some software error a hacker is spending other people’s money before the losses are unrecoverable?
The app cannot be independently verified. If the provider puts your funds at risk on purpose or by accident, you will probably not know about the issue before people start losing money. If the provider is more criminally inclined he might have collected all the backups of all the wallets, ready to be emptied at the press of a button. The app might have a formidable track record but out of distress or change in management turns out to be evil from some point on, with nobody outside ever knowing before it is too late.
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