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9Apps is an application that allows users to download a large variety of other applications. It functions in a similar way to other app stores but offers a selection of applications and games that cannot always be found on official app stores. The app is supported on most Android-based smartphones, and it is easy to use. Similar applications include Android SDK. 9Apps offers users the ability to download a selection of applications safely and securely. Since 9Apps is Android-based, the application's download catalog also contains mostly Android applications.

9Apps makes the process of installing applications much easier. The app doesn't block unsigned applications, and it allows users to install any application that they want on their phone without annoying popups and permission requests.

  1. Since this could cause malware or other unwanted applications to be installed on your phone, it is advisable to download cautiously.
  2. 9Apps provides a welcome addition to the app store scene.
  3. The ease of downloading applications and the ability to download and install apps when and how you wish are some of the factors that make the application a good choice.

All things considered, 9Apps is a useful application to have on your phone. The application gives users access to a range of applications that are not available in the official Play store. 9Apps is safe to download and use but since it makes it possible for unsigned applications to be downloaded and installed, you should use caution when selecting apps from the 9Apps platform.

Offers access to applications that are not in the official play store.

Download apps easily and for free with 9Apps

Can be used by people of all technical ability levels. Doesn't bother with popups and permission requests. Generally fast and reliable. Not available for use on all operating systems.

  1. The user interface is not easy to understand.
  2. Limited range of apps to choose from.
  3. Caution is required when installing apps to prevent malware infections.
  4. Now, when you have finished installation go to the menu of your device, find and open the Aptoide App store.
  5. tap on the search icon on the top right corner of the screen, type the name of the app which you want to download on your device.
  6. If the desired app isn’t listed in the store, there will be an option to search more, click on that button and you will be redirected to a webpage, with several results.
  7. Select the Ap which you want on your device. A dialogue box will appear prompting again to confirm the app installation, just click on OK.
  8. You will also be prompted to add the app repository which had the searched app. Add it if you want to, otherwise, leave it as it is, it isn’t necessary.
  9. After the package manager has finished installation of the file, click on OK, and then go to the menu of your device and find and open the app which you just installed.
  10. That’s it this is how you can download and install any Android App on your device using Aptoide.

Our take

The Amazon App Store is a very good alternative to Google Play Store, it is very much reliable and has almost all of the apps which are on the Google Play Store. Not only that the Amazon App Store have reduced the prices of the apps and some of the paid apps are even free. The only downside of the Amazon App Store is that it is only available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. To download the apps using Amazon App Store you need to have an Amazon account from one of the mentioned countries otherwise it won’t work. One of the features that can attract a lot of users to the Amazon App Store is that every day it gives on the paid app or a game for free to everyone. On the very first day of the Amazon App store, it gave Angry Birds game ad-free, ever since, it keeps on giving apps for free every day. The Amazon App store also gives a test-drive feature, which lets you try thousands of apps on the Amazon cloud browser, which means you don’t need to download and install any app to try any app.

  1. Open the link.
  2. From your Android device, scan the QR code using the QR code scanner of your device or simply use Google Lens.
  3. Now you will be redirected on your phone to download and install the Amazon App Store.
  4. Download the APK of the Amazon App Store and install it using the package installer of the Android OS.
  5. After that, the Amazon App Store should be listed on your device, find and open it.
  6. Now you can search and install any app you want from the Amazon App Store.
  7. Make sure to allow Amazon App Store to install apps n your device, it will prompt you for that when you will install the very first app using the Amazon App Store.

Good collection of applications

Antiroid is yet another alternative to Google Play Store for downloading Android apps on your device. However, there’s a slight twist in using Antiroid, instead of providing the same app for free, Antiroid provides the alternative of the same app which is free. It’s a great way of exploring apps, who knows the alternative app might be better than the original app which you were looking for. So as soon as you select any app from the Antiroid website it will directly redirect you to the Google Play Store with an alternative app for the same. Antiroid was not having any APK app for its own, but now they have launched an app for the same which is in beta state and the native app will be launching soon. Overall it provides a good secure way of providing alternative apps right from the Google Play Store itself. Visit the website here to download the Antiroid App.

Some other alternatives to Google Play Store are the GetJar, AppBrain, SlideMe and a few more different third-party appstores.

Install applications easily

There could be some legal issues while downloading apps from third-party app stores, depending on the region you live in. Some of the app stores allow users to host their apps while others can download them. All of these apps are stored in different servers, which may have not been thoroughly verified, which can be a security concern. So make sure you are very much aware of what you are doing and its terms and conditions.

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