Download Android Studio Version 4.2

Android Studio 4.2.1 is now available in the Stable channel. This update includes fixes for the following public issues:. Issue #184826517: Project structure does not match after switching variants and reopening. Issue #187403740: Android Studio 4.2.0 generates projects with wrong Kotlin version: "1.5.0-release-764". Issue #184660150: Project Structure dialog in AndroidStudio is unable to display modules that aren't included as text in settings.gradle. Issue #181055586: AGP 4.2 Beta 5 breaks Wear unbundled apps. Android Studio for Windows is a freesoftware development toolkit application for Android devices. The program is based on pre-existing software that provides users with a familiar experience. Android Studio 4.1 has a multitude of features that make it more straightforward to use than its most competitors. The app is uncomplicated and assists in visualizing your code from start to finish. The Layout Editor is an intuitive feature that allows you to work directly on what you can see with a simple drag-and-drop feature. With Android Studio you can install and test apps directly in the development suite. The process is more seamless vs the traditional methods because the download processed is eliminated. Android’s connection with Google means that the emulator is directly integrated with ARCore (Google’s augmented reality platform). With ARCore, developers can create new types of experiences that blend reality with the virtual world. Even if there’s a development studio you’re more comfortable working in, Android Studio is a great alternative.
Reviewed by Raúl Rosso Translated by Andrew Lamont

The APK Analyzer built into the development suite is fully equipped to help reduce the size of software, whether or not it was made in Android Studio.

- To install Android Studio, it is necessary to have Android's Software Developer Kit (SDK), along with Java Developer Kit (JDK), included in this pack.
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