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Wish to add apps on Windows 10? Don’t worry because learning how to download apps on Windows 10 is quite simple.

Windows 10 is equipped with several exciting and useful built-in apps that can help you to stay in touch and socialize in a broader sense than before.

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You could share images, videos, organize documents, listen to music of your choice, and do a lot more with the use of the built-in apps in Windows 10. The best feature about this storehouse of apps is that many of them are available for free download and use. Therefore, you never have to put an end to your fun by paying exorbitant amounts for just one app. If you happen to be new to Windows 10, then you must know about the different built-in apps and about how to get apps on Windows 10. See also: How to disable Google Chrome auto-update on windows 10. All the steps are outlined below:. First, open the Windows Store. You can open the Windows store in two ways. You can proceed to the Start menu, and then select the Store icon (the Store icon is represented in the form of a shopping bag. You can also click or tap the Store tile that is shown in the task bar. Once you are in the Windows Store, you can start adding apps to Windows 10. There is an array of built-in apps that can be viewed in different ways. You can browse through the apps from the categories or charts. This might help you in the case when you are unsure about the particular kind of app that you would like to add to Windows 10. If you are unsure about how to get apps on Windows 10 and which ones you really need for your system, then you can start with the list of “Top free apps” that are present in the Windows Store. This will filter your results and will display the top apps that are available in the store for free download. The “Top free apps” is the list of apps recommended by the Windows Store for your Windows 10 system to optimize the usage. In addition to the “Top free apps” list, there is another mode of filtering your search for the best apps for Windows 10. This is known as the “Featured List”. The apps in the Featured List are those that are used by the users of Windows 10 worldwide and have been known to deliver outstanding performance by enhancing your ease of use of the system. You can add apps to Windows 10 from the featured list as well. In another case, if you do know the name, just type the app that you would like to add to the Windows 10 system. For this, you can go to the search box and add the name of the app in the box. The search box is present on the upper-right corner of the Windows Store. Once you have entered the name of the particular app that you would like to add to the system, there will be a list of results displayed on the screen that would match your search. The result might also display the name of the matching games, movies, music, TV shows, videos or several others. You can have these all on your Windows 10 system from the Windows Store. You can then proceed to select the most desirable app that you would like to download for the system. Once you would select the particular app of your choice, it will display the descriptions, reviews, and screenshots of the working of the app. You can go through the description of each app to know about the usage and applications that it can offer to your Windows 10 system.
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