Download Bootable Mac Os Dmg

Whether you want to dual-boot your Mac, have to install the new macOS version on multiple computers (and don’t want to spend hours doing it), or need to reinstall the operating system on your Mac, a bootable USB installer has you covered. You might think that creating such a drive is complicated and something that only a tech-savvy might handle. But the truth is, the process of creating a bootable installer for macOS is pretty straightforward and takes just a few clicks of the mouse. So, what do you need to make a bootable USB on a Mac, and how to do it? Let’s dive right into this question. There are numerous situations when a bootable USB macOS installer may come in handy. You might think that you don’t need it yet, but it is always best to have a flash drive with the needed macOS installation file ready, just in case. Here’s why you might need a bootable USB macOS installer:.
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