Download Dumpper Jumpstart And Winpcap

Posted by7 years ago. This post is related to the post that was just recently on this subreddit:. The video was hard to understand for many users, so I've decided to clear it up with a step by step guide.
You can read this and watch the video without the audio to see what is being done. This tutorial can be found here or in the link to /u/noobdan s post above. The video is hard to understand, so I'll try my best to list each step in detail.
Here are downloads for the things you'll need:. Dumpper: (I realized this version was in Spanish and didn't have the option to switch languages, so I found an English translated version here or here.).
WinPcap:!0BECXZhL!V5fomyh0yyrCbxbscs13L3iN3bCOrb0ZyUkEIiYJ_xw. JumpStart:!cBUEFagB!H1W75x9LRJQwH4fwf4EjHbFdbcMUxdW2JxWNKOLk-I4. NOTE: You need to have Microsoft .NET Framework installed on your computer as well, or this will not work. You can install Microsoft .NET Framework here.
Disclaimer: I (The creator of the video has already stated this, but I'd like to go over it again) do not take any responsibility for your actions regarding this tutorial.
This was made by the creator to demonstrate weaknesses in wireless networks and for educational purposes only.

Breaching other people's wireless networks without permission is against the law.
If you want to test this tutorial, try it on your own home network.
without a password, then you can get the password from inside the network.
I'll show you how towards the end of the tutorial. First, download all of the programs above.
Now, follow these instructions for setting it up:. Download and install JumpStart, WinPcap, and Dumpper.
It'll be in Spanish, so go to the far right tab and select 'English' in between the other two options.
Your programs are set up and ready to go, now begin the process:.

In the 'Networks' tab, select the network adapter you wish to use. Hit the 'Scan' button now.
After it completes the scan, go over to the 'Wps' tab.
In the area that says 'Connect using JumpStart', hit 'Browse' to select the location of where you installed JumpStart in the previous set-up steps.

(By default, it installs in C:\Program Files (x86)\Jumpstart.
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