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The app will appear on your Home screen. Open it and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the download. Once you do that, you’ll see that the tweaked Course Hero app is just the same as the Course Hero app, except for the part that the subscription literally costs you $0.00. Need help download document from course hero. Posted by 1 year ago. Need help download document from course hero. Map Map Download the files from here (which I don't need to remember if I am following directions). (Click the 'Downloads' button to download and load the files as.rar). The map is a small picture, in a folder. The textures are very simple- simple colors. Downloading a course is quite easy, and the course hero download does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is a point and click on the course you want and then save the course. There are two different kinds, of course, files that can be downloaded from a course hero download. The first is the course that the course hero creator offers. Once you finish uploaded ten documents, you will get 5 Course Hero unlocks for free that can use whenever you need. Every time you will upload a document on Course Hero, you will get a credit that will allow you to unblur the file you want to read. Using A Chrome Extension.


Course Hero Downloader: Download Course Hero Documents for Free Online – For those who are carrying out online teaching and learning activities, of course, they often use this Course Hero site.

Either upload an assignment file or take an assignment by downloading the Course Hero file.

For those who are new to Course Hero and have just opened, they are required to log in and subscribe to the premium package first to be able to download the files in it.

And for those of you who are looking for free. Here we will discuss the tutorial on how to download Course Hero for free both with the downloader and with the extension.

Want to know how? Please read it until it’s finished.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero, what is it? For those who don’t know. Course Hero is a free repository that contains lots of educational materials from all over the world.

Here we can register for free and upload files to the Course Hero site for free.

Course Hero has a pretty simple interface with documents stored for more than 45 million documents.

You can find these documents, ranging from question documents, papers, assignments, and more on Course Hero.

Besides having a simple appearance, registering is also easy. We can directly connect it to social media accounts Facebook, Google, and Apple ID.

After successfully registering and logging in, there are several options ranging from paid to free ones.

Then, what’s the difference between the paid version and the free version? There really isn’t that big a difference.

It’s just that using the premium package allows you to get more Unlock points.

This Unlock Point function is to download free files on Course Hero. So, the more points you have, the more documents you can download simultaneously.

However, for you, free users, you don’t need to be confused, especially when you don’t have the money to register for Course Hero Premium.

Here we will share Course Hero Downloader which you can use even without logging in to download.

Download Course Hero Documents for Free Online

To download files on Course Hero, there are several methods you can use and of course, these methods can be used without the need to log in.

Some use Course Hero Downloader and some use Extension. How to? Here’s how to download Course Hero.

1. Download Course Hero Use Chrome Extension

The first way we can use an Extension called CHDL or the full name is Course Hero Downloader.

With this extension, we can download files on Course Hero for free. Unfortunately, this first method can only be used for Chrome desktop laptops and PCs.

Here’s how:

  1. First of all first download the CHDL file here.
  2. If you have, please extract using WinRAR.
  3. After that open the Google Chrome browser and select Menu> More Tools> Extension at the top right corner.
  4. Then activate Developer Mode.
  5. Then click Load Unpacked.
  6. Select the folder location of the CHDL file that you just extracted.
  7. If it is true, then the CHDL extension will appear.
  8. For use, all you have to do is find the file you want to download> Right click> select the CHDL option and click the Download This File button.
  9. Done.

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2. Use the Course Hero Downloader site

If the first method can only be used on computers and laptops. You can use this second method on Android too. This method is even easier than using the first method.

Here are the steps.

  1. Open the browser and go directly to the link Please copy and paste it in your browser.
  2. If it is already open, please enter the URL of the file from the Couse Hero site that you want to download in the column provided.
  3. To start downloading, just click the Get Link button. Wait a few moments until the download link appears.
  4. Finally, just click the link and the file will start downloading.

3. Download the Free Course Hero Method Document

The third way we can take advantage of the free features of Course Hero itself. Especially for this method, you have to create an account and log in to Course Hero.

Here’s how:

  1. First, open the website coursehero and register.
  2. After successfully registering you just need to log in.
  3. On the Dashboard page, click Upload Now for Free Access.
  4. Then you just need to upload 10 files until the You Earned Unlock notification appears.
  5. If the notification appears, all you have to do is find the file or document you want to download for free.
  6. To be able to start the download process, just click on the Unlock Documents section.
  7. Done

The final word

That’s how to download files on Course Hero for free without logging in, which you can use. If all the methods above still don’t work, maybe you can register for a premium package or ask someone who has a premium account to download the files you want. Good luck and good luck.

5 Proven Methods to get Course Hero free Unlocks, Files & tutor solutions

Here are the sure shot and proven methods if you want to unblurr coursehero documents for free. View coursehero documents and unblur them without any hassle with our best methods. Check out now!!!

Completing your essays and quizzes on your own is no longer a difficult task!

nowadays one can without much of a stretch, search for suitable study materials from an assortment of sites, which for the most part give related reference articles, PDF’s, eBooks, and research papers.

Some sites are free of cost but some are not! Sites such as Course Hero, Chegg, Oneclass, Transtutors, StudySoup etc. are paid and the subscription fee starts from $20 a month!

But, if you’re a regular Course Hero user, then you must be familiar with coursehero unlocks!

Course Hero is a crowd sourced study material sharing website that is based in Redwood City, California and its purpose is to facilitate access to a huge online collection of course materials for students.

As course Hero is not free, you only get to see a preview of a document with blurred contents. the preview is just a few paragraphs and it’s difficult to see whether it contains full answers or completed case studies or not!

To fully access Course Hero files, you are required to purchase a subscription; only then will you be able to view all the contents clearly.

Event though paying a subscription for Course Hero account, you are only entitled to unlock and download only 30 files in a month! this might be very less depending on your course size, You might be needing more than 30 files for your 9 subject semester!

Have you been lately looking for ways to unblur CourseHero documents? well You’ve come to the right place!

This blog will tell you the A-Z of How to unblurr coursehero for free! or almost Free!

Keep scrolling for details!

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How to become a Course Hero Tutor ?

Step 1: Before you get access to unblurr any of Course Hero files, You need to Sign Up for an account, you can do it here!

Step 2: To Unblurr and download course Hero documents you now need Course Hero Unlocks! Course Hero Unlocks are a type of currency you can exchange them for a file download, One unlock= one file unlock and download.

The unlocks can be earned free of cost by uploading your own study materials or by purchasing Course Hero Membership.

The cost for CourseHero Premium membership plans are as follows:

  • One year subscription plan costs 119.4 USD per year
  • Three-month subscription plan costs 59.85 USD per 3 months
  • One-month subscription plan costs 39.95 USD monthly

Note: For yearly plan, it means you’ll pay 120USD at ONE TIME!!! though it means it’s around 10USD a month!

Are you sure you can afford the plans ? The cheapest of them is 40USD a month for just 30 documents! that does no good if all the unlocked documents does not have what you were looking for!

Course Hero will not offer refunds for the documents unlocked! What happens if you require only a few documents? will you pay 40USD for it?

Even though the CourseHero unlocks have to be purchased, there are some ways through which you can obtain them at FREE cost.

If you would like to unblur CourseHero documents with the free unlocks, then you must first create your CourseHero account and then log in.

Proven Methods to Unlock Course Hero Documents

We have sure shot methods to unlock Course Hero files for FREE, These methods are tested and guaranteed to work!

If you want a file unlocked instantly these methods will help!

1. Unblurr Files through

Fortunately I have the best option to get the files Downloaded! we respond in 5 minutes and get the files in 5 minutes after your request! We are reputed sellers in this business since 2014! We have a large collection of study materials that are uploaded to course hero, the benefit of using our service is you don’t have to pay subscription fees at all!

We treat our customers as friends, we have a friendly Refund policy, we refund your money if you found the unlocked document without answers or solutions!

Visit and order the unblurred files

2. Earn FREE Course Hero Unlocks Through uploading your study Materials!

As of Publishing this blog, Course Hero offers 5 Unlocks for each 10 files uploaded!

As per Course Hero free unlocks are granted after the review of uploaded documents which often takes few Hours! If you are in a jiffy well, Better luck!

Download File From Course Hero Free

3. Earn Free Unlocks by rating Course Hero documents

To use this feature, you must have a Free Course Hero account. Once you start unlocking and downloading the files you can rate them to earn additional unlocks.

The Unlocks are provided for every 5 documents rated. This is the easiest way to earn free course Hero unlocks!

The Free unlocks for ratings are provided after you rate every 5th unlocked document, it takes an hour to receive the unlocks.

4. Getting Course Hero free using Google search Hack

Course Hero relies on Google for his traffic hence the contents are submitted on google to appear in the search results!

I found Hack to reveal blurred contents of the file by using google search feature. this YouTube video will demonstrate on how to use this hack and unblurr the contents you are looking for

5. Using somebody’s else Premium Course Hero accounts for unlocking documents!

Many people are selling their unused course Hero Unlocks to help the other in need! You can find these sellers on YouTube, Reddit and on Facebook

I can’t guarantee if they’ll be Legit, discretion advised!

Here’s one YouTube Channel which is Legit! clickhere

How To Download Files From Course Hero

Final Conclusion

We have laid out 5 proven methods using which you can get your course Hero documents unlocked!
The best way out of the five is using unmatched service of smartunblurr we help every student to get documents unlocked!

Download File Course Hero Tanpa Login

The second best way is to Contact your friends if they have a course hero account and ask them to unlock a document or you could contact someone on YouTube or Reddit to get your unlocks!

Course Hero App Download

Adios! Still in need of help? Leave a comment below!

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