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Download Simcity – Hello everyone, come back with us to Aptoide which, of course, always provides the latest and most popular apps, games and tips for our loyal friends. This time, we will recommend a game whose level of popularity is beyond doubt. Curious, right? Okay, rather than lingering, we can immediately check out the review below! do not skip so you do not miss any other interesting information from us.

Who doesn’t love the game that builds a city? For now, this kind of game has a lot. One of them is Simcity Apk. Who would have thought that this game was once popular on PC devices, of course, this game is very legendary and there is now an Android version. The developer is Electronic Arts, which released SimCity BuildIt, to which the market continues to respond with a fantastic number of downloads of 5-10 million downloads to date.

Before you know it Will Wright is a multi-millionaire game designer whereas I. I only think about it once or twice a day and sometimes I don't even think about it at all. In fact, I like to play SimCity 4 as much as possible so I can make a list of all the things he got wrong (as I have with all the previous versions). Download SimCity Build Mod Apk and Original APK Latest Version 2020 V1.35.1.97007. You'll Get Unlimited Simoleons, SimCash, NeoSimoleons, Golden Keys, Platin.

Curious to know what form the game and the features contained in this cool game? Okay, let’s look at the description below.

Simcity Apk

SimCity BuildIt is a city building simulation game with players who serve as leaders or mayors. Friend’s job is to develop some of the vacant land that has been obtained in order to become a city with the types of facilities needed.

Players will receive instructions from the beginning of the game on how to play SimCity BuildIt. The virtual figure that appeared during the first run of this game and showed various tips to maximize SimCity BuildIt. The first trick is that buildings can only survive if they have access to the highway. No need to estimate whether the building you are going to build is on the side of the road or not because there are instructions that can be seen. In addition, the building will not resist if it is not at the roadside.

Residential housing, offices, factories, construction stores, banks, electric utilities, irrigation services, restaurants and others must be built to be able to support each other. One of them is real, you have to build factories such as nail factories and iron steel factories because housing construction requires these two main components.

Game conditions

How to make a housing complex by selecting the image of the house located on the right edge of the screen, then dragging the image of the house to the desired location. As long as this new complex is green, it means you can build there. If it is red, it means that you have to move it to another location.

Making a water tower or an irrigation service, a city hall, a power station and other buildings is the same thing. Just drag it to the desired location. If it turns out the location would not want to be far from the main road, you must also make the road.

For the comparison of your friend’s city with another city that comes the neighboring mayor who has visited you directly and offered you to visit his city. This may be where players can get ideas on how to organize a modern city.

The thing that becomes a bit of a hindrance for this game is not the requested Android version but the number of downloads. For those of you who are curious about the SimCity BuildIt game, you need to prepare more quota because this game has a size of 100 MB for the files contained in Playstore. If you feel heavy with its size, you can use the Wifi /

Meanwhile, on the other side, also think that everything is not a problem. On Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 once installed, this game works virtually perfectly and without obstacles, without interruption, the images that are displayed are also in high resolution 3D and can be played without a cellphone connected to an Internet network, ie offline.

Gameplay Simcity Build Mod

Build your city

With countless buildings and graphics that have clear 3D quality, it is the most realistic city builder on mobile. Place your building strategically so that tax funds continue to flow and your city continues to grow. You can zoom and rotate 360 ​​degrees when you manage and enlarge your city when traveling online and offline.

Make the city the source of life

Create resources and create horizons of friends who then exchange resources with friends and other cities. Complete your order and ship the freight from your airport. Build your city in a beautiful city like Tokyo and open exclusive buildings like the Empire State Building and the Arc de Triomphe. Open a water park, along the beach with a marina and much more that you can do.

Download Game Simcity 4 Mod Apk

Keep your citizens happy

This causes the simcity apk mod to have obstacles in an area or city that solves challenges in what is happening in the city of Sobat such as traffic, pollution and fire. Donate public services such as power plants and police to meet the needs of the citizens you create and increase your population through parks and education. Continue to smooth traffic with major roads and trams. Take on fun challenges to grow the community.

Functionality Simcity Mod

Download Game Simcity 4 Mod Apk Android

There are tons of features that you get written down below.

  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited money
  • Can be played online.
  • Unlimited gold keys
  • Player ID is NOT associated with other players
  • This will generate your own unique player ID
  • Supports all versions.
  • Get game updates after applying this cheat
  • All buildings were built
  • All buildings have been fully upgraded
  • The whole building that is educated is the Omega building
  • Over 2 million inhabitants
  • 100 Happiness.

How to install Apk

For those who have trouble installing this mod game, you can follow the steps below:

  • Download the mod buildc simcity on the link above.
  • Before installing the apk file, make sure that the Internet connection is first cut during the installation process and do not forget to activate “unknown sources”
  • Click File and Install, wait for the installation process to complete.
  • Open and play!

Description of SimCity BuildIt for android (Unlimited Money)

Hi friends Apkmeter, For those of you who are currently playing the SimCity BuildIt mod apk game. Then the latest news comes to you guys, where our favorite mod apk game has been updated to the latest version. By bringing several features and improvements to the previous version, now you won’t find it in this latest version, guys. However, now you can play this game in the mod guys game. With the addition of several mod features in it, so you can use it to upgrade your character, guys.

SimCity BuildIt is a Simulation game. This game created by Apkmeter. It requires Android Android 4.1+ and up. At now, this game has over 100,000,000+ multiplayer on around the world. Let’s join SimCity BuildIt game now. Don’t forget to download APK MOD free on Apkmeter and enjoy this game.

  • SimCity BuildIt Fix All Bugs
  • SimCity BuildIt Download link update
  • Added New features
  • New Version Added
  • New Levels updates
  1. SimCity BuildIt Added Unlimited Money
  2. SimCity BuildIt Unlimited Coins/Gems
  3. SimCity BuildIt (Unlocked All)
  4. MOD link workings fast
  5. play and enjoy!
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