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If you are going to build iOS apps on Windows, you should know that macOS is the only platform able to work with the iOS SDK. That means Xcode, the Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that contains everything you need for building and publishing iOS applications, will run only on this platform.

As long as you don't have a Mac but still need to use macOS to write iOS apps, virtualization software is the simplest solution.

iPadian cannot run iOS apps

Installed on your Windows PC, a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMware, etc.) will provide you with the access to macOS, this way making it possible for you to develop iOS apps on Windows.

Here’s what you‘ll need to do to achieve this:. Install a virtualization app (e.g. VirtualBox) and create a virtual machine on your local computer.

Install and set up a macOS in your VM. Install XCode on macOS. Never forget when configuring a macOS to enter a VALID Apple ID. A valid Apple Account is required for your future Xcode download. Select the desired outcome and settings in your “System Preferences” toward the end of your macOS configuration.

Steps to Download iOS App Signer for Mac or Windows

After that, installing XCode is simple:. Find the Apple Store application icon in the “Dock” and click it. Once the app starts, type “Xcode” into the search field at the top-right corner .

Download iOS Emulator for Windows – PC and Laptop

After Xcode is downloaded and installed, it’ll run on a Guest OS as though it was Xcode for Windows. After macOS and Xcode installation is complete, coding and iOS Simulator capabilities are available. Allowing you to test apps with the same efficiency you would expect from a real Mac computer.

Lastly, remember using macOS on anything other than official Apple hardware is in violation of Apple’s EULA. Once macOS and XCode are installed, you can start coding and using the iOS Simulator to test the apps as if you were using a real Mac machine.

Also, for convenience, you need to plan the iOS app development in detail.

  • App Signer is an app that is used to combine different IPA files to get a combined file.
  • This app is very beneficial when you are going to install multiple apps on your device.
  • It will help you to install all the combined apps quickly.

6. Xamarin

The primary purpose of using App Signer is ease of installing the apps. In this article, we will show you how to download iOS app signer for Mac and Windows 10, 8 or 7. We know if we are trying to install an app from a third party source, we will need some tools to do this.

This could include a USB cable, iTunes, a Mac and a sideloading app like Cydia Impactor. Although the process of installing any app on your device is simple, yet you will get the easier way to install apps on your device by using iOS App Signer.

When we combine different IPAs in App Signer, it combines them all to form a new and we can install every app on our device in just a single click.

App Signer requires Mac OS X 10.9 or later running on your Mac.

  • You will also have to install Xcode 7 or later on your system in order to install the app on your Mac.
  • Moreover, a USB cable is required to connect your device with Mac.
  • The process is very simple, and you can easily perform it yourself.

5. Xcode

Just follow the directions to finish the method. Step 1: First of all, download the iOS App Signer app from the internet. You can easily find the app for your Mac on the internet.

Step 2: Now launch Xcode on your system including Mac or Windows. Now create a new iOS application.

This application will be used to install the app on your system. You can choose the app type according to your system. Create new Xcode project to sign iOS app.

Step 3: While creating the new iOS application, you can give it a name to find it in your system. You can name it everything. You can also choose the identifier to find it in the future easily.

New project options to create or sign iOS app.

  • Step 4: Sometimes, it causes some problems while signing in.
  • It causes some problems due to the Apple ID.
  • Sometimes we use different IDs with the same device, and it generates some problems.


However, if you see your Apple ID there, you can click on it to select it. On the other hand, if you don’t see your Apple ID, you will have to put it in the bar. Select account to sign iOS app on your Mac.

Step 5: To get rid of further errors, you can select your device from the connected devices. You will have to select your device in the Xcode screen. Select your device to Sign IPA app.

Step 6: Open the iOS Signer App and select signing certificate. Now select your profile and click on Start. Use iOS App Signer to Sign apps.

Step 7: It will generate a file, and you can save it on your device.

  • Now you can use this generated file to install the apps on your iPhone easily.
  • The above instructions are enough.
  • The process is completed and you can easily generate any type of IPA files.

1. iPadian

Make sure you have the latest version of Xcode and Mac OS X installed on your Mac Computer. Windows is the most used operating system out there by billion of people daily. It is the most popular choice since it has a simple GUI-based operating system that provides a Desktop environment with full security.

Therefore, most of the PC developers use as the default OS for the Pcs.

Windows is a very flexible operating system, and you can perform any task that you can think of. The latest version of Windows, Windows 10, supports a Linux subsystem, through which you can run Linux commands and CLI-based applications.

However, if you wish to run an Android or iOS device on your PC or Laptop, that is also a possibility. Windows 10 with all modern hardware comes with Hypervisor and Virtual machine enabled by default.

If you are using an old machine, then you must turn on Hypervisor manually. Check your BIOS, and if your system supports Hypervisor enable it.

You must go to the Turn off programs features on or off settings and enable the Hypervisor and Virtual Machine platform.

  • If you are sure your Pc supports Virtual machines to run on your system.
  • Then you can proceed to install an Emulator for the specific purpose.
  • However, some emulators don’t need Hypervisor or Virtual platform supports to run.


Download iOS Emulator for Windows – PC and Laptop. If you want to run Android, Linux, Windows, BSD, etc., on your windows, then there are options like VirtualBox, Vmware, and more.

However, If you want to iOS on your Windows, you will have to use an iOS emulator. The best iOS emulator that you can Download right is listed below. Air iPhone Emulate iOS environment using the Adobe Air Framework.

The application can successfully replicate the iOS GUI.

  • It will enable you to log in to your account, and it can run most of the applications from the App store.
  • However, you cant install an unknown application out from App Store.

Bluestacks is your best option

So if you are an iOS developer, this is not the best application for you. However, if you only wish to run some iOS apps on your PC, it is the best app. Despite good functionality, it has some bugs. Users have reported that some native applications like Safari Web Browser are failed to Run on Air iPhone Emulator.

However, it is completely free to use the software. Unfortunately, there are a lot of technical issues, especially on Windows 10.

Therefore, you can assume it is not a fully functional iOS emulator. You can only use it as a temporary iOS device. iPadian is a very popular iOS Emulator on Windows, which works fine most of the time; there are a few bugs.

However, it only runs on Windows that has Adobe Air Framework installed.

  • It is a very compatible application, and it can also run on Windows XP.
  • iPadian is more like a simulator than an emulator.
  • It simulates the perfect graphical user interface of an iPad on your Windows.

2. Smartface

However, despite a few bugs, the application fails to run most of the iOS apps. Therefore, it has a separate AppStore, a duplicate mirror of the real Apple App Store.

You will be able to install the apps from there and run them on iPadian. Rather than simulating iOS devices, it can also run Android, but it is not stable.

However, it is not a free service, and you will get a free copy of the installer after register, which offers 30 days of trial.

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