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If you are searching for how to download audio and video music on your phone for freely, you are in the best offline and online mp3 file player app to download infinite songs, ringtones and musics.

Love songs, dance musics, local musics, religious chants, folk musics, romantic dance musics and more. This Free Music Downloader & Mp3 Finder searches in unlimited music, songs and authors lists. You can easily listen & download copyleft Mp3 Music Song For Free and get music mp3 to set your phone a great ringtone or share a romantic song for your love.

This best mp3 music downloader and best song downloader app gets mp3 music from Free Music Archive and Jamendo music Listen to music song online and offline.

If you want to good music apps that play offline this freely music player is for you where to download music and discover favourite music from millions of free songs. You can easily use free mp3 music streaming player in your phones background playing music.

12. Napster

Good music app that plays offline. You may have many questions about best music in your mind according to your spirit mood. Problems related to music are what is the best app to download music, how to download music for ringtones and where to download quality, ads free best music freely.

Turn on smart downloads

You can search any music and download it to listen in the background as an offline streaming music player. How to download music for ringtones, songs and offline mp3. Search music audio, artist or album you like, mp3 downloader searches it faster and play mp3 music. You can share your downloaded musics, or listen online offline instantly. Browse and discover popular songs, albums or artists, you can quick download mp3 as you like.

You can make any songs as your mobile phones ringtone from your settings. Its time to Music yourselfDownload now, Addicted to mp3 songs!

  • Find your jazz music, RNB, classic music, romance music, regional music, religious music, pop and any language music.
  • How to use navigation buttons in this application?
  • My musics tab shows you the most popular MP3 and songs that you downloaded.
  • Downloading tab shows the downloading MP3 songs and downloaded music which you can play or delete.
  • Artistor Album tab shows you the most popular artists or albums.

What is the Characteristic and Different Features of this app? Great data set, more than a million high quality mp3 tracks. One of the biggest free mp3 music storage. Multi-thread download and Multi-mp3s download engine. Fastest download as song finder.

Downloaded music to set ringtone.

11. Deezer

Save rich songs to mobile for play offline & song for share. All tracks available in free mp3 downloader. Audio downloader never was easier. Share or Delete Downloaded songs. How to use this simple app? Download interesting mp3 or Search music by title, artist, genre or album what you want,The result will show on search screen choice.

Click Download button or Play mp3 song online. After download mp3 finished, Play mp3 music song by local media player. Choose downloaded mp3 song you can use theme as calls, notifications, messages, alarms ringtones. Jul 31,2019 • Filed to: Download Music • Proven solutions. Can I download free music to listen to offline? Yes, you can download music freely to your computer and later transfer them to your device if you wish.

We may be living in an era that the Internet is hugely available which makes it easier to stream music online rather than downloading them.

  • But what if you are in a place that there is no Internet, and you want to listen to your favourite music.
  • Therefore, you need to download them so that you can listen to them when you are offline.
  • The best way to download music is using an offline music downloader like iMusic.
  • You may have heard of music downloaders, but none matches the features of iMusic free offline music downloader.

iMusic allows you to download music from more than 3000 sharing sites to your computer, which in turn you can transfer them to your iOS device or Android phone.

Other than downloading you can also record music online, and iMusic will automatically add ID3 tags like artist name, a genre of the song, song title and year the song was released.

Download storage space

iMusic allows you to download multiple music simultaneously. It is also featured with other functionalities highlighted below. iMusic supports over 3000 sharing sites. With iMusic you can be able to access several web sharing sites like Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram, and Vine just to mention a few and download your music. It comes with and inbuilt library which allows you to browse music according to mood, genres, artist and top list.

From there, you can paly and download your music. Fixes iTunes Library. iMusic is a good iTunes Library manager which not only removes duplicate music but also fixes mislabelled music, removes broken songs and add music covers to songs. Rebuild and Backup iTunes. When you acquire a new device, you can use iMusic to get your iTunes library and rebuild it whenever there is a problem.

  • It is designed with a music toolkit.
  • This toolkit consists of a music converter, car playlist creator and CD burner.
  • 1 click to transfer downloaded music and playlist to USB drive to enjoy in car.
  • Ability to burn downloaded songs and playlists to CDs easily.

With iMusic, you can download music from a specific web-sharing site or get them from the inbuilt music library picks. In this part, we are going to show you how to download free music for offline listening to your computer.

Step 1: Click on “GET Music” to download music.


Once you have opened the program click on “GET Music” button and then click on “DOWNLOAD” button. Step 2: Search for music. Next, you will get the list of sharing sites. Click on the desired sharing site such as “YouTube” and then type the artist name or keywords of the song and the results will be displayed below it.

Finally select the format that you to download music and click on “Download” button. You can also download from inbuilt music library. From there, click on “GET MUSIC” button and this time choose on “DISCOVER” button. You will then be able to browse the songs on the music library. On the song you have identified just click on “Download” button besides it.

  • You can also download a full playlist at this point. Select the music format and go ahead to download the music.
  • If you're a YouTube Music Premium member, you can enjoy music offline by downloading your favorite songs and videos to your mobile device.
  • You'll need to reconnect to the internet at least once every 30 days to maintain your downloads. There are two ways to download music to listen to offline:.
  • Turn on smart downloads. The app will automatically download for you based on your previous listening history - no action required for you!

Choose specific playlists, songs, or albums to download. Learn more about YouTube Music Premium and how to start your free trial. To make sure you always have music available–even on the go–turn on smart downloads on your mobile device:.

Open the YouTube Music app.

2. SoundCloud

Tap your profile photo. Turn on "Smart downloads." Once smart downloads are turned on, music will be automatically downloaded for you based on your listening history. You can view, pause, or delete your watch history to improve your recommendations and which music gets downloaded for you. If you don't like a specific playlist or album in your downloads, you can also remove it by tapping Menu and then “Remove download ".

When you remove a playlist or album, it won’t re-download to your smart downloads, but you may see it elsewhere in the YouTube Music app. The music selection is refreshed every night when you're connected to Wi-Fi. It can also update on unrestricted mobile data, depending on your download settings.

  • You must also have more than 40 percent battery charge.
  • Music that is downloaded can be played for up to 30 days after you've disconnected from the internet.
  • Note that when you reconnect to the internet, some content may no longer be available due to content changes or restrictions made by the video creator.

Anywhere you see a playlist or album within the YouTube Music app, tap Menu and select Download. You can also click the download arrow on the album or playlist details page. You can download individual songs from the watch page, by tapping on the cover art of any song and then tapping Download or by tapping Menu and then tapping Download .

The number of songs you can download depends on how much free space is available on your device.


It's also impacted by the length and quality of the audio or video files that you wish to save. You can limit the number of songs for your smart downloads and choose between audio or video downloading by tapping your profile photo Settings Offline settings. You can choose which types of connection should be used to download songs in the YouTube Music app.

For example, you can specify that songs should only be downloaded on Wi-Fi. Some mobile network carriers give access to unrestricted mobile data, which is data that does not count towards any quotas or limits. If you’re using one of those carriers, you may see an option to download on “Wi-Fi and unrestricted mobile data.” Selecting this option will allow songs to be downloaded when your device has a Wi-Fi connection.

You can also download on an unrestricted mobile data connection with this option.

  • Unrestricted mobile data is only available on Android version R or newer.
  • It’s limited to participating mobile carriers, where access may be limited to 5G.
  • Note: This is currently available on Verizon and AT&T in the United States, and KDDI in Japan.
  • To change your settings:. Open the YouTube Music app.

Tap your profile photo. Select which connection type to allow downloads on. How can we improve it? Free Music Downloader – Mp3 Downloader is a powerful and simple app to search, listen, and download copyleft mp3 juice music!

Feel free to free full songs, mp3 music podcasts, and audio files.Mp3 Offline Music Downloader is a free offline music downloader. Download music with the free mp3 music downloader android app. Offline Tube music downloader allows you to download royalty free podcasts music and free full songs.

Mp3 Downloader allows you to create custom playlists, add any song to your playlist and listen later with a music player.

13. Musicolet Music Player

Tube music offline with a Free offline mp3 music downloader mp3 juice app. A built-in music player allows you to listen to offline music podcasts. Offline music soundloader Downloader has more than a billion songs and podcasts.Free offline Mp3 Music Downloader all songs 2020 provides full mp3 songs to download with the album cover and track details.

Mp3 Tube songs soundloader downloader has featured with auto-suggestions dropdown. Tube mp3 juice downloader latest version has a built-in music player and music finder to search ringtones and nonstop songs. Mp3 app has high-quality fast music feature.Free MP3 Music Downloader for you easily Search music, listen & download Mp3 Music FOR FREE.

Search or Find music, playlist, artist, or album you love, tube mp3 fastest, and Play CC-licensed mp3 music offline.

  • Music yourself mp3 juice,Download this app now and start listening to millions of free music offline!
  • Search and download offline music from top genres like Rock, Jazz, Country, Pop, Disco, Folk, Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, soundtrack, Rap, R&B, Bollywood, Hindi, DJ, Reggae & mix-tapes ringtones, and USA podcasts for free.****♪Unlimited Mp3 Music Download♫****🎵Search mp3 music by name, album, genre, or playlist🎵Multiple Sound Quality for you choose, smooth, standard, high audio quality🎵Browse, play, and your mp3 juice & ringtones search results!🎵Great data set, more than a million high quality mp3 tracks.
  • One of the biggest free mp3 music storage.🎵Multi-thread and Multi-mp3s song download engine🎵Audio downloader never was easier🎵Download & listen to tube music sound without a wifi and music playerIMPORTANT NOTICE:Mp3 Music is provided by "".All songsJamendo developer site( Api Terms of Use:
  • January 21, 2022. Roots Developers. Are you worried about your phone’s data usage?

Or maybe you’re an avid music listener and save all your favorite playlists to enjoy on the go. Whatever your reason, there are apps out there that work without the Internet. This guide will help you find what you’re really looking for – offline music apps for Android or iOS. Music is one of the most contagious things on this earth.

According to the BBC, it’s not only a big factor in joyful occasions, but it can even help ease the discomfort of suffering from illness and other distress.

3. Google Play Music

Music has numerous forms: Jazz, rock, pop, country music, classical music, etc. In addition to this, there are different music genres in each style. It is well-known that some people prefer one genre to another. People who prefer country music over others may find their favor for thiss kind of music through studying on the internet or asking their neighbors/ friends.

There are many free music apps supporting devices such as Android phones or iPhones, so to help you enjoy your favorite songs without a WiFi connection quickly, so today we will bring you the 14 best free offline music apps that work in offline mode on your mobile phone:. Spotify is a podcast and free music app.

It has a comprehensive library of outstanding content, easy to use and simple to understand interface.

  • Spotify is easy to use for anyone regardless of their experience or their familiarity with smartphones, which makes it the best podcast app that offers podcasts as well as digital comics.
  • Download for Android | iOS. SoundCloud is one of the free music apps that is dedicated to promoting the development of original music by supporting all music creators.
  • Over 175 million creators listen on SoundCloud every month, and over 12 million per day upload more than 116 minutes of audio every minute.
  • Some of the major brands that are this famous music app are Samsung, Microsoft, GEICO, Audi, and many more!

Download for Android | iOS. Related Reading – Understand the role of AI in the music industry. Google Play Music comes pre-installed on millions of smartphones and tablets. With just one login, you can upload up to 50,000 of your own songs from any device. Google will also let you stream radio stations and podcasts for free, thus, considered the best app for downloading music with high-quality audio.

Download for Android.

YouTube Music Premium

Amazon Music Unlimited provides us with a wide range of music styles and lyrics. We can choose any kind of music that we want such as classic, jazz, rock n’ roll, blues and so on. It also has another component which is lyric. You can enjoy it with your own lyric tracks on Amazon Music Unlimited. No doubt, this app is considered one of the top offline music apps.

Download for Android | iOS. If you love Bollywood songs, then it is time to download the best free music app – Gaana. It will not just let you go for the top-class Bollywood songs but also English as well as Hindi songs. You are going to experience a great music collection in this app.

  • It will let you search for your favorite singers and albums.
  • It is one of the most-preferred offline music apps available on Google Play Store.
  • Download for Android | iOS. Apple Music is one of the offline music apps that comes with a premium music streaming service by Apple, its parent company.

Available in more than 100 countries as of June 2017. It offers online streaming and offline music downloads to users’ Apple devices. Users can listen to music offline and also share their music library with up to six other people. Download for Android | iOS.

Jio Saavn is a free offline music downloader for your Android or iOS device that provides users with the ability to stream millions of tracks.

10. Pandora

This includes Bollywood and Hollywood songs, and you can enjoy songs at a bitrate of 320 KBps which is great for earphone and headphone users! Also, JioSaavn has a premium subscription to avoid ads coming in at only Rs. Download for Android | iOS. It is the best music app that doesn’t need Wifi for offline mode. There are limitless songs to explore. You can be instantly transported to different worlds with awesome background music play.

It supports unlimited music downloads, which means you can download your favorite songs for offline use and listen to them anytime. Download for Android | iOS. Related Reading – Get to know the top 16 innovative mobile app ideas for 2022. Wynk Music is exclusive music streaming app by Airtel that ensures a high-quality Mp3 that you can listen to even when you have a slow internet connection.

  • You also get the benefit of downloading singles, albums, and playlists for offline listening.
  • With Wynk Music, you can enjoy free, unlimited streaming & downloading with Airtel.
  • Download for Android | iOS.

Pandora, one of the leading offline music apps, focuses on providing its users with a personalized experience ideal for them. The platform is easy to use and can be enjoyed by individuals who would like to network with a wide range of music lovers alike. By using this unique internet application, you will be able to create your own playlist and share it with the music community.

7. Jio Saavn

It also allows you to make use of its Offline Mode, where you can listen to your favorites even when you are not connected to the internet. Download for Android | iOS. It is one of the largest platforms among offline music apps that can boost your mood. With over 56 million tracks in its collection, you will never feel a moment of boredom.

Deezer can also help in identifying any song or podcast. You remain connected with your family while traveling with Deezer on phones, tablets, or desktop computers. Moreover, Deezer is just not a music library where you can get music from every genre, but it also helps you to create your own playlist. It further has a song catcher and lyrics so that you can sing along.

  • Download for Android | iOS.
  • As consumers, we all enjoy discovering new artists and genres of music.
  • With over 40 million tracks in Rhapsody’s library, you can discover thousands of artists and decades of genres without ever having to pay for the same song or album twice.
  • Furthermore, the Napster app allows you to build and customize playlists based on your unique tastes.

Their service is easy to access anywhere in the world on your mobile device, whether you’re at home or on the go. Download for Android | iOS. Musicolet Music Player is a competent app that can collect all your offline songs and allow you to play a bunch of them in one go. It also provides you with essential features and is completely ad-free to eliminate any performance issues.

Whether you’re at a party or you simply want to relax, Musicolet Music Player will serve as the best way to hear your favorite songs.

The Best Headphones

It is just like other offline music apps, but it comes with an offline music player which lists all of your downloaded offline songs in one place. This way, you don’t have to jump from song to song. Download for Android. With Free Music for YouTube Player, you can listen to the latest songs before other people do, because the app completely works even when you are offline.

Using such an offline music player, you no longer will have to hit pause when answering a phone call or taking a break. Furthermore, if you create your own playlist on Youtube and sync it with the app, it provides you the youtube music for free along with the option of downloading that particular song from Youtube onto your computer.

  • Download Free Music for Youtube Player. The above-mentioned offline music apps do not require WiFi or an active internet connection to stream and play music.
  • You can listen to the beats offline!
  • You can also sync your music with these applications, which lets you uplift your favorite tunes with the help of some of these amazing applications.
  • Now you have no need to worry about your data plan as well when you are on your trip/vacation, you can use these apps effectively and utilize your resources more efficiently.
  • Offline Music Apps are a huge necessity for everyone today.

However, if you are looking to build similar music apps, get in touch with Mobcoder today! Music-streaming services bring your favorite tunes to smart speakers in the home, but what about when you're on the go? Music cuts out in tunnels or in rural areas, while marathon streaming sessions eat into mobile data.

To avoid interruption, download your favorite songs (and podcasts) for offline listening.

1. Spotify

Whether you're using Spotify or Apple Music(Free 3-Month Trial at Apple Music) , Tidal or Google Play Music, here's how to take your playlists with you. Spotify lets Premium users download up to 10,000 songs per device on up to five devices. To prevent you from downloading songs and then cancelling your Premium account, you'll need to reconnect your app to the internet at least once every 30 days.

To download on tablets and phones, navigate to Your Library and select Playlists, Songs, Albums, Artists, or Podcasts. Look for the "Download" option at the top and toggle it on so it turns green. To download podcast episodes, click the downward-facing arrow next to it. On the desktop, you can't download albums or podcasts, but you can download playlists or all the songs you've saved.

  • Like mobile, just look for "Download" on the top right and toggle it to on.
  • If you want to make sure you're only listening offline when you're on the go, go to Settings > Playback > Offline and toggle it on.
  • If you want to remain online but keep tabs on your data, go to Settings > Data Saver and toggle that on, which will set music quality to low.
  • If you paid for Tidal to get "Lemonade" or other exclusives, get your money's worth by downloading albums, movies, videos, shows, and playlists.

On tablets and phones, first authorize the device to play downloaded content by going to My Collection > Settings > Authorize. A pop-up with your device's name will appear and you can either hit OK or rename the device and hit OK. Once your device is authorized, you can download content by navigating to it and moving the slider next to Download to the right so that it turns blue.

To access your downloaded content, go to My Collection and select Offline Content.

Choose which connection types to use for downloads

To make sure you're not using cellular data when you listen, tap the gear icon () at the top of the My Collection screen and enable the "Offline" option. If you purchase individual songs or albums via iTunes, you can download them to your device without an Apple Music subscription. With an Apple Music subscription, which costs $9.99 per month for access to 50 million songs, you can download content on up to 10 devices.

It will be available as long as you maintain an active subscription. If you plan on using Apple Music on more than one device, you should start by turning on iCloud Music Library so your content is accessible from all of them.

  1. Then add songs, albums, videos, and playlists to Apple Music by tapping the Plus sign or the Add button next to each.
  2. To download that content, click the cloud with the downward-facing arrow on each device.
  3. You can also save time and just turn on Automatic Downloads on every device that you want to store music on locally.

You'll then see your content stored under the Downloaded Music section of the Library. Google Play Music will likely be merged with YouTube Music at some point, but for now, it's still a thing.

And if you have an active Google Play Music subscription, you can download streaming content.

6. Apple Music

On a desktop or laptop using the Google Play Music web player, select Menu, then Music Library, and then select either Albums or Songs. Click More and then Download.

  • On mobile devices, go to an album, playlist, or radio station and tap the download button.
  • To listen to only your downloaded content, go to Menu and then Downloaded Only.
  • Before Spotify and other streaming services, YouTube was the place to go to listen to music when you didn't want to buy it on iTunes or pirate it.
  • You can still do that, but for on-the-go tunes, there's now YouTube Music Premium.
  • For $9.99 per month, Premium subscribers can download as much content as their devices can store for up to 30 days.

On mobile devices, click on a song, album, or playlist and then hit Download.


You can also download a song in a queue by swiping left on it. If you think YouTube Music has your tastes down to a T, turn on Offline Mixtape, which gives you a variety of songs curated by YouTube's algorithm. The list will change every 24 hours when you're connected to Wi-Fi and it can be played for up to 30 days offline.

To turn Offline Mixtape on, select your profile photo, then tap Downloads > Settings and toggle on Offline Mixtape. To conserve cellular data, go to Settings > Stream > Wi-Fi Only.

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