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Need for Speed Payback is a racing game with an open-world setting, the twenty-third game in the popular Need for Speed franchise. Like the previous games in the series, it focuses on high-speed driving action in the underground world of street racing.

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Choose from one of three main characters and drive any of a wide range of cars in five specialised classes around the game environment, carrying out action-movie-inspired heist sequences.

If you played Need for Speed, the 2015 reboot of the franchise, most of what you encounter in Need for Speed Payback will be pretty familiar. However, this game does make some significant changes from its predecessor.

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Most significantly, the single-player mode no longer requires a connection to the internet, an element of the previous game that left many players frustrated. The setting also now has a day-night cycle, rather than existing in perpetual night.

The named characters, each with their own particular strengths, are another departure from the formula: the sense of being part of a team is definitely reminiscent of the later films in the Fast and the Furious series, which are clearly a big influence on Need for Speed Payback. If you like the fast-paced driving action of the Need for Speed series, Need for Speed Payback adds some exciting new elements to the formula.

Set in the underworld of Fortune Valley in Need For Speed Payback , you and your crew were divided by betrayal and reunited by revenge to take down The House, a nefarious cartel that rules the city’s casinos, criminals and cops.

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In this corrupt gambler’s paradise, the stakes are high and The House always wins. sexy games. Need For Speed Payback Deluxe Edition Free Download Repacklab.

Craft unique rides with deeper performance and visual customization than ever before. Push them to the limit when you narrowly escape the heat in epic cop battles. From insane heist missions to devastating car battles to jaw-dropping set piece moments, Need for Speed Payback delivers an edge-of-your-seat, adrenaline-fueled action-driving fantasy.

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Scrap to stock to supercar. Your car is at the center of everything you do in Need for Speed Payback. Endlessly fine-tune your performance with each of the five distinct car classes (Race, Drift, Off-Road, Drag and Runner) to turn the tables on the competition in any race, mission or challenge.

Live out an action-driving fantasy. Play as three distinct characters united by one common goal: revenge. Tyler, Mac and Jess team up to even the score against all odds, and enter the ultimate race to take down The House.

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Battle cops with ever-increasing intensity, race against rivals across the city and drive on and off-road through mountains, canyons and deserts.

High stakes competition.

  • Win big with all-new Risk vs Reward gameplay.
  • Intense cop chases mean the stakes have never been higher.
  • Challenge your friends or potential rivals via Autolog recommendations throughout the events or go head-to-head in classic online leaderboards.

The Need for Speed™ Payback – Deluxe Edition gives you an edge over the competition.

  • Stand out from the crowd with exclusive customization items and receive in-game discounts, Rep bonuses and five shipments to get your adventure started.
  • Also includes the upcoming Story Mission Pack and the Need for Speed™ Payback Platinum Car Pack with exclusive† Platinum Blue Underglow.
  • An excellent entry in the NFS franchise.
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