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Release: 2017 Developer: Ghost games. Act Need for speed payback are set in the city of Fortune Valley, where you can move freely. The open world has the largest area in the history of the series. The city is divided into 4 districts: Silver Rock, Liberty Desert, Mount Providence and Silver Canyon.

Each location has its own architecture and landscape. The storyline will be represented by three playable characters:. Tyler Morgan - Drag Racing Specialist;. Sean McAlister - professional drifter and off-road racer;. Jessica Miller is a girl mechanic who can effectively break away from police pursuits.

Need for Speed™ Payback – Download.

In addition to the protagonists, there are three more minor characters: Ravindra Chadhri, Lina Navarro and Marcus Weir, who are actively involved in the plot.. Need for Speed ​​Payback focuses on hot police chases, illegal street racing and crime.

Earning reputation points, new cars and details of their customization and pumping will gradually open. By clearing the areas, passing the available races in this area, competitions open with the local bosses, who is the leader of the area. As the story progresses, the police will become more aggressive.

They will start driving more and more powerful cars and use rhino trucks that can go to ram and slow down the player significantly.

The network game includes the Speedlist system, the essence of which is that the racer, at the end of various competitions, increases his rating, moving him to the leaderboard. The developers tried to make the chase and the plot as interesting and rich as possible, while working out the world around them.

Take vengeance to the streets

  • Size: 15.77 Gb. Version: v (max speed + fast connection).
  • Need for Speed: Payback is one of the latest installments in the long-running Need for Speed racing game series.
  • Explore Fortune Valley and compete in illegal races.
  • Win prizes to obtain newer cars, escape law enforcement, all while taking down The House - a vicious and powerful cartel.
  • The Need for Speed series is published by Electronic Arts (or EA) and designed by many developers throughout Need for Speed’s 20+ mainline games.
  • The Need for Speed series is unique among racing games.
  • Its premise is built around participating in illicit street races, unlike the Gran Turismo or Forza Horizon series.
  • Need for Speed’s most exceptional feature is the implementation of police chases.

Need for Speed Payback was released in 2017 on PS4 and Steam as the NFS series’ 23rd mainline game. It doesn’t stray too far from the premise set by its predecessors but does add its own flavor to the experience.

Need for Speed Payback Game Download Full for PC.

Like most games in the series, Payback focuses on competing in races or completing related challenges to win materials and upgrade your ride. You can also collect various cars from an extensive list of over 50 kinds of motor vehicles. The list includes a variety of vehicles like the Plymouth Barracuda, Volkswagen Golf GTI, SRT Viper, and many more.

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