Download Ps2 Games For Android Phone

Sony PlayStation 2 is the successor of PlayStation 1 and is the sixth generation video game developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. PS2 reigned for thirteen years before a new release was launched. One of the things that make it a major upgrade from its predecessor is that it supported USB port and the gaming media is DVD instead of the CD-ROM.

Enjoy PS2 games with this fastest PS2 emulator in global, because it's the best PS2 emulator to play free PS2 games, and it's integrated with a virtual PS2 joystick just like using a psp emulator to run psp games for an Android phone. # The list of PS2 games that this PS2 emulator for android can run smoothly on all android devices.

  • Step 1 – Open any Browser on your Android phone. Step 2 – Type “ ps2 iso games download ” on search bar and tap on Enter button. Step 3 – Find a website that has PS2 ISOs (PS2 Games). Step 4 – Tap and visit any PS2 ISOs downloading website.
  • Where to get PS2 games for this app? All games are available to download from built-in PS2Smart's database which you can reach inside the app. Just use strong internet signal (WiFi connection recommended) to download games to your phone's memory. Or you can even play them inside the app online, but you'll have to stay connected to a network.

PS2 was discontinued in 2013. So, if you already don’t have PlayStation 2 and want to play the game, your Smartphone can come in handy. If you are just learning about this for the first time, you might be wondering how to play PS2 game on Android.

This detailed guide has all your answers.

Android Play Station 2 Emulator

The Only way you can catch the PS2 action on Android is by using PS2 emulator for Android. The same goes for PS1. The good thing about playing PS1 on android is that it is playable on most devices.

Why Play PS2 Games?

Play station 2 still remains one of the most popular gaming consoles to play video games. What makes it even competitive is that it allows users to play on the console without complacency and lag compared to the PC. PS2 remains popular since it can play most games smoothly including modern games such as Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

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Players loved the upgrades from PSX and PS1 thanks to the inclusion of DVD instead of CD. It also featured USB ports. The good thing about PS2 is that you will get to enjoy all the games you can play on Play Station 1.

How To Play PS2 Games on Android Phones

  • The first thing you need to do when playing PS2 games on Android phones is to download the Android Play Station 2 emulator from PlayStore and install it. If you are installing it from unknown sources (check on the unknown sources in the developers settings when prompted).
  • Next download the iso file of your desired game. If you want to play Tekken tag, for instance, you should download the iso file of Tekken tag.
  • Copy the file you’ve downloaded to Internal Storage/Play Data File.
  • Open the app from the app drawer and click the menu icon on the left side of the screen. You should see the UNSORTED option mentioned. So, click on it.
  • This will automatically Load up the game on the screen.
  • Make the selection on the one you want and let it load.

Ps2 Emulator For Android Phone

PS2 Android Emulator Besides playing online games or o½ine games or horror games on Android to be able to fill your empty time.

It turns out there are tablets of PS2 games that you can play and no less exciting. However, you must need a PS2 emulators first and then be able to play PS2 Android games.

Well, we will recommend any of the best PS2 Android emulators you can use. Instead of being curious, just read the article below.

Download Ps2 Games For Android Phones

Best PS2 Emulators for Android In 2021

The emulators we recommend are very easy to use and have a lightweight measurement. So you don’t need to worry anymore if your memory card has a little capacity.

1.PPSSPP – PSP Emulator

The first ps2 emulator is PPSSPP. This emulator is already widely used by other people to be able to play PS2 games on Android.

Besides, it has a fairly light size. PPSSPP also has a simple display that can make it easier for users to play PS2 games on Android.

Ps2 Download Games

2.PTWOE – Playstation 2 Emulator

The next emulator is PTWOE. Want to play the Dynasty Warrior game? Very fitting, you can use this one emulator.

PTWOE can play all PS2 games on Android without fear of failure. In addition, the control
provided is very similar to the control of the PS2 joystick.


3.Free Pro PS2 Emulator

The next emulator is the Free Pro PS2 Emulator. This emulator can play all types of PS2 games
and the graphics quality provided is quite stunning.
Not only that, the sound produced while playing is clear enough and will make you addicted
when playing.

Download Ps2 Games For Android Phone

4.New PS2 Emulator

The next emulator is the New PS2 Emulator. This one emulator has a very light size so it is right for you who have a small memory capacity.

In addition, if you are still confused about how to get PS2 games. This emulator will tell you how to get it as well as how to play it.

So you don’t need to worry anymore, for how to get and how to play it.

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5.Free PS2 Emu

The next emulator is Free PS2 Emu. Do you want to play PS2 games with stunning graphics and free quality? Very fitting, you can use this one emulator.

In addition to graphics quality, the sound provided is quite clear. Not only that, this Android PS2 emulator supports all types of PS2 games.

6.PS2 Emulator For PS2 Games

The next emulator is PS2 Emulator For PS2 Games. Do you like to play Naruto games? You can use this one emulator.

This PS2 emulator supports all types of formats from PS2 games. So you don’t need to worry anymore if the PS2 game doesn’t want to run/open.

7.PS2 Gold Emulator

The next emulator is the PS2 Gold Emulator. The sound is clear, the graphics quality is quite stunning and has a light size.

That illustrates a bit of the PS2 emulator on this Android. In addition, the Gold PS2 Emulator can run all formats from PS2 games.

8.PSP Emulator

The next emulator is the PS2 Emulator. This emulator can run all PS2 games Naruto, God of War, Dragon BallZ, etc.

The PSPEmulatoralso explains how to use and how to get PS2 games on Android.


The next emulator is PPSSPP Gold. This emulator is not free like the previous PS2 Android emulator.

The price of this Emulator is only IDR 30,000. Even though it’s paid, it presents stunning graphics quality.

In addition, you play PS2 games without lag or smoothly.

10.Damon PS2 Pro – PS2 Emulator

The last emulator is Damon PS2 Pro. If you want to use this emulator, you have to prepare

Rs 1399 to buy it.

Even though it’s paid, this ps2 emulator provides very impressive graphics quality. Unlike the previous emulators.


With stunning graphics quality, the appearance of the game will look so real and can make you addicted.

Now, there are some of the best PS2 Android emulators that we recommend for you. If you are interested in the article.

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