Download Qxdm Tool For Windows 10

Qcat and qxdm 4.0.310.1 of course, with an activated 5G license, but without the 5G DLL, which wasn't present in install ((we all be very happy with the sharing off new version of QXDM, and even more so QCAT )).

Qualcomm Product Support Tools (QPST) v.2.7.323 is software package used for phones based on Qualcomm chips: UMTS-based phones EF81, SXG75, SFG75, E81 and other (EF82, SL91, etc.). QPST software includes:

  • QPST Configuration - COM-port selection to work with phone.
  • EFS Explorer - file manager for phone file system.
  • Display Capture - screen capture utility for Java-games and video playing.
  • FTM Application - front end testing.
  • RF Calibration - front end calibration.
  • RF NV Item Manager - NV-memory manager (EEPROM).
  • RL Editor - roaming list settings.
  • Service Programming - different phone settings.
  • Software Download - phone flasher.
  • QCNView - .QCN files viewer, generated by Software Download (Backup menu).
  • DMProxyWin - QPST ports translation server. Allows to connect to the current phone from another device, which connected to Internet using QPST and DMProxyWin.
  • Gang Flash Image Application - creates firmware and file system image to use in programmer such as Data I/O ProLINE RoadRunner or Data I/O FlashPAK.
Download Qxdm Tool For Windows 10
This time Iwill share about how to use the software QXDM and QPST. Actually this tutorialhas been widely circulated on other blogs, but since the idea can not only beable to give tips so stale it. QXDM and QPST software used to search for thebest signal, or it could be to determine the nearest BTS. QXDM and QPST usuallydoes this help us while pointing to an external antenna such as Yagi antenna,external antenna lead position in the right position so they can get a goodsignal.
Previous QXDMand QPST software only supports the air-modem chipset Qualcomm. To modem Huaweiproducts and Pantech Qualcomm chipset already had, for the other modem did notknow well. Here I use the modem EC306-2 as experimental material, just topractice.
1. Download QXDM software in hereand QPST software in here. If you've got no need to download again.
2. Install the software first andthen install QPST QXDM.
3. Turn off your internetconnection, open Device Managercomputer and note the port used by the modem. On my computer there are twoports used modem EC306-2, but I chose the first port is COM3. Record yes, themodem on COM3. Your computer may be different for the modem port, adjust it.
Download Qxdm Tool For Windows 10

4. Out of the modem application(UI) in order not to scramble when running QPST port. Run QPST Configurationsoftware. Click on the Port and thenclick Add new port.

5. Uncheck the Show serial and USB , to look at allthe ports. Select the COM port used on your modem. See step 3 above again, Ichoose COM3, select one yes.
6. Now open QXDM Professional.Click on Options >>Communications.

Qxdm Professional

7. In the Target Port select theport your modem is COM3 earlier example, to let Disconnect GPS server port.Then click OK.
8. Now open the modem (modem UI)and connect to the internet
9. Back to QXDM, which need to beconsidered here there are two items. HDRPower and HDR Pilot Sets. On themenu View select HDR Power and thenselect another HDR Pilot Sets.

Download Qxdm Tool For Windows 10 Free

Qxdm 5

Consider theset and the Active Energy Pilot, the Pilot Energy close to 0 (zero) means thatthe better and make sure the Active set is detected only one sector, there aresometimes up to two Pilot PN detected. If the Pilot PN detected two means youhave to rotate your antenna to get stable on one sector and then look for thesmallest Energy Pilot (approaching zero), I get -1 means good enough because -0is very difficult to get especially if solid user.

2. Look at the window HDR Power
To find out how much signalstrength you get, right-click on the graph and select Cursor

Download Qxdm Tool For Windows 10

Then the right will display thesignal strength, look at the RX Antenna 0 and RX Antenna 1

Download Qxdm Tool

Qxdm 5 Download

Here I onlyget a signal -78 dbm. The closer to zero means that the signal is gettingbetter, getting closer to -100 means that the worse the signal. If your home oreven tetanggaan under BTS can probably get -40. -78 Means I get my house to BTSdistance of approximately 2 Km.
Okay so firstI share about the use of QXDM and QPST software, especially if you want to doan external antenna pointing, and QPST software QXDM this would be helpful.Perhaps there are many uses and QPST QXDM this, but I'll share at another time.
May be useful for you
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