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Termux is a terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android, which can be used as a replacement for the default Android shell.

It is a lightweight tabs-based application that was originally designed for Termux APK download for PC those who want to use their Android device with a Linux environment and who don't need all features of a full-blown desktop environment.

It is based on Android Open Source Project and is available with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux.

Interface is text-based and provides user with different tabs which are Essential, App Center, Programs, Terminal.

Essential tab contains core packages for download Termux for Windows 10.

App Center tab is where user can install new packages and categories of packages.
Programs tab is where user can install programs and scripts. Terminal tab is where user can find different terminal emulators and categories of terminal emulators.


Interface can be accessed by tapping on icon for it on an Android device, which will open up Android menu, scrolling down to Termux for PC download icon.

When icon is tapped, ыщае opens up to soft menu, with various types of commands that can be accessed. These commands can be run by tapping on them, terminal-y interface is displayed. Interface is a typical terminal emulator app, with a command-line interface. It has a straightforward interface with a menu bar of commands at top, a window of input and output of commands at bottom, and a terminal window with more commands. Product Termux uses command-line interface, interface displays prompt at bottom of the screen. Every operation performed in soft is performed by typing commands. Prompt displays name of directory, prompt, name of current working directory, prompt, name of current working directory, prompt. Usability is very good. Software is easy to use and understand.
Application is free and open-source.

There is no need for any extra payments or downloads, which is great.


  • 1

    Download LDPlayer, a free Android emulator to play Mobile games&Apps on PC

  • 2

    Complete the installation of LDPlayer on your desktop

  • 3

    Launch LDPlayer and search Termux on the search bar

  • 4

    Install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play)

  • 5

    Once installation completes, click the game icon to start the game

  • 6

    Enjoy playing Termux on your PC with LDPlayer

How to Download and Install Termux for PC or MAC:

Product Termux install is a well-known, well-developed app with a long-running history that has been updated regularly since its release.
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