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DreamBoxEdit allows to edit Dreambox Settings on the PC. You can easily add, modify, delete, move and sort channels and user bouquets.

What's New

  • New version developed and maintained by DreamBoxEdit development team hosted at www.digsat.net Adapted from DreamBoxEdit by Llamaware (tm) DreamBoxEdit development team: HappyLlama, Henksat, Talius, Tammie78N, Jazzydane
  • Support added for version 4 lamedb. Lamedb version 4 is used by Enigma2 images using drivers after august 2008
  • Support for HDTV services. In the Advanced pane of DreamBoxEdit Options you can add HDTV services to be treat as TV-channels
  • New logo by Litemotiv
  • A number of small enhancements in the functioning of DreamBoxEdit

Tips with the 7025/800

  • In DreamBoxEdit you must specify the correct paths on the 7025/800.
    You can do this very easy with the 'Version 3 Settings(enigma2)' and 'New Enigma2 settings' buttons on the options panel.
    New lamedb version 4 is chosen with the 'New Enigma2 settings' button.
  • You have to enable 'Multibouquet' on settings menu in the actual 7025/800 Dreambox in order to be able to see your bouquets

Known bugs

Translation problem with Satcodx files: servicenames with special characters are not correctly translated (but can be editted by hand of cour



Dreamboxedit Mac Os X Downloads

DreamBoxEdit V7.2.1.001-04-20188.69 MB0
DreamBoxEdit V6.0.1.308-05-20155.2 MB0
DreamBoxEdit V6.0.1.223-03-20156 MB0
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