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  • A community project to develop a freeware dungeonkeeper style game in the absence of an as yet forthcoming dungeonkeeper3 (nine years+ in the waiting). ...

    • Dark Keeper Free
    • Steve Moss
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • OpenDungeonKeeper is an clone of Bullfrog's DungeonKeeper 2. It will support nearly all the features of DungeonKeeper 2. OpenTK is needed to compile the Source. ...

    • OpenDungeonKeeper
    • marc
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • ADiKtEd (Another DungeonKeeper map Editor) is a text-based map editor for DungeonKeeper, a game released in 1997. It can be used to create a map from the very beginnings, or to tweak maps created in Official. ...

    • adikted_0_95b_win32.zip
    • adikted
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 585 Kb
    • N/A
  • The game has a DungeonKeeper like gameplay plus roleplay. It's an multiplayer only game, so there will be no AI, at least not in the first version, maybe later. Goal is to destroy the enemy lair.

    • Monster Keeper
    • Bahlor
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • Dungeon Digger is a 3D RTS game based on Dungeon Dungeon Digger is a 3D RTS game based on Dungeon Keeper..

    • digger-data-13.tar.gz
    • dungeondigger
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 1.47 Mb
    • Windows; BSD; Linux
  • OpenSource Real-Time-Strategy game in the flavor of good old 'Dungeon Keeper' OpenSource Real-Time-Strategy game in the flavor of good old 'Dungeon Keeper'.

    • OpenDungeon
    • Lutz Ifer
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • Unofficial DungeonKeeper Map Editor allows to create levels for first part of the Bullfrog game. It has nice GUI and works only on Ms Windows. Originally developed by Gilmour and Folds, now it became open. ...

    • unded_0_76b_win32.zip
    • unded
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 852 Kb
    • Windows
  • Total Game War is a ambitious game project to set of LAN clone Dungeon Keeper, multi player and multi-platform..

    • Total Game War
    • philippe joel
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
  • Sermon Keeper3.0.4 provides you with a convenient and simple tool with which you can keep up with your sermons. If you already have sermons on file in your computer, you can use Sermon Keeper to locate and catagorize your sermons.The search. ...

    • Sermon Keeper
    • EagleSoar Software
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 1.7 Mb
    • Windows Server 2003, Windows Me, Windows 2000
  • MasterMind RTS is a reverse RPG of sorts similiar in concept to DungeonKeeper, in that you as the player attempt to impede the progress of the typical protagonist/hero characters. A multiplayer mode is planned to allow players to compete head to head.

    • MasterMind RTS
    • oberonix
    • Freeware (Free)
    • Windows
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  • A free program that makes sure your ISP won't drop your internet connection due to inactivity. Connection Keeper can also be set up to automatically close those annoying pop-up windows.

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  • Dungeon Keeper™. Download Today: Dungeon Keeper™. Build the ultimate underground lair and summon dark forces to do your bidding. From Imps and Trolls, to Bile Demons and Warlocks, you'll need more than your wit to stop invaders bent on destroying your dungeon's heart. Gameplay Features.
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Back In The second half of 1999, after EA purchased Bullfrog and Peter Molyneux left for Lionhead, everyone's favourite gaming mega-corporation began to play around with two names beloved by PC gamers: Populous and Dungeon Keeper.

Work on a game to follow Populous: The Beginning - Genesis: Hand of God - was rolling, but the shutters were pulled down when marketing types got the jitters about similarities to Black & White, which was also published by EA.

'The upshot was that Genesis got cancelled,' explains Ernest W. Adams, Genesis' lead developer. 'They looked around for something else to do with me, and decided on Dungeon Keeper 3.' Adams, alongside a producer and another designer, was tasked with dreaming up new adventures for Horny. However, because Dl<2 hadn't sold the required bucketfulls, things would've changed in DK3.

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Dungeon Keeper 3 Download Torrent

For a start, Dungeon Keeper 3 was proposed as a straightforward top-side RTS: the portals, chickens and individual and characterful monsters would have remained, yet would have been a part of a three-faction battle for supremacy. Meanwhile, rather than build dungeons downwards, you'd be building castles upwards. For the new faction a group of wild, untamed and vegetation-focussed chaps called The Elders would join the fray, alongside the goodly ordered Fleroes and noxious taint of the nasty Dungeon Dwellers.

'I realise that the move in the direction of a more conventional RTS would've been controversial. The die-hard Dungeon Keeper purists were bound to hate it,' said Adams. 'But the truth is that there weren't enough die-hard Dungeon Keeper purists. There weren't enough people who bought Dungeon Keeper at all. But marketing had seen the huge success of RTS games like StarCroft, and they wanted us to move in that direction. Flence the new marching orders.

'We definitely wouldn't have turned DK3 into a clone of StcirCrcift,' he continues. 'We wanted to keep the semi-autonomous creatures for example, and we definitely wanted a castle that you could construct in parts and move around in, not just buildings that pop into existence.

Dungeon Keeper 3 Game

'The major impetus for the move outdoors also came from the need for better multiplayer play. The fact is that while the single-player side of Dungeon Keeper was brilliant, its multiplayer was distinctly poor. You spent a long time without ever having enemy contact, building up your dungeon and armies.

'When you finally did encounter them, the game was so symmetric (you always fought other Keepers, not heroes) that it became a long, grinding war of attrition. There was very little room for strategy, tactical feints, and so on.'

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Dungeon Keeper 3 Download

The late '90s were the glory days of the RTS, so it was hardly surprising that had Dungeon Keeper come around.

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