Easy Worship 10

EasyWorship 7:Download ZIP, Codecs and Viewers, PDF Manual, . Previous Build: EasyWorship build --- EasyWorship build *EasyWorship 7 requires a special video decoder for DVD playback and PowerPoint or PowerPoint viewer for PowerPoint support. See Codecs and Viewers for more information. EASYWORSHIP Fixed issue where registration screen would not show on launch for demo users. Fixed issue on AMD Ryzen where slide thumbnails would not build.

Fixed Registration screen crashes when clicking Complete Login during startup. Fixed issue that may cause PowerPoint to flicker when closing EasyWorship while running PowerPoint. Fixed issue with PowerPoint not working after uninstalling previous versions and re-installing newer versions of PowerPoint. Fixed issue that could cause instability with DVD drive. Fixed issue where certain MSHTML components would not refresh in integrated store. Fixed issue with some video cards not running 32bit version of PowerPoint correctly in 64bit environments.

EASYWORSHIP Alternate Output. Contiguous View. Element Rotation. Added ability to open file location for media resources from context menu. Added ability to show context menu from right click within schedule selector. Adjusted hot keys for schedule and slide navigation. Added reflection blur to elements within Editor. Default themes within resources are now denoted by checkmark within context menu. Added ability to duplicate slides within context menu of schedule selector.

Creating new presentations from schedule now opens editor by default. Editor now uses Apply/OK/Cancel for saving and closing. Upgraded NDI dlls to version 4.6.3. Changed CTRL and ALT function within editor to match Photoshop/Keynote when resizing elements. Add Song/Presentation toolbar button now navigates to newly created resource. Removal of static alerts is no longer dependent on alert scroll speed. Options window now saves its last size on close. Fixed issue where going from PowerPoint to PowerPoint presentations would flash the desktop. Fixed grammatical error in song Lord's Prayer of Demo Database. Fixed grammatical error in song A Mighty Fortress Is Our God of Demo Database. Fixed text scaling issue between Application/Output monitors when DPI wasn't the same.

Fixed issue where schedule files over 4 GB would corrupt.

  • Fixed issue of opening schedules with internal save/open structure failure.
  • Fixed issue with Unicode characters within JSON data.
  • Fixed issue where Preview Window thumbnail would not scale correctly with a small custom output size.
  • Fixed issue where PowerPoint would send black through NDI with Nvidia switchable graphics cards.

Fixed issue where list-level text > 0 in content would not use master font.

  • Fixed issue with font size too small in Schedule Details report.
  • Fixed issue where Preview Output within Options screen would cause an access violation.
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