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Well after a lot of tinkering with this and that I’ve finaly done it. I’ve reactivated BMW Online and Internet. Turns out you only need ediabas Tool32 and the jobs: lesen_provisioning_data and steuern_provisioning_data. – Run the first one;. – Parse the data and generate a clean xml file;. – Change the apps you want to activate inside the file from inactive to active. – Inject the file back into the car with the second job. Be sure to use and hex editor to do it as text editor insert “trash” in the file. When using the method described above, this is what to look for:. To activate BMW Online:.

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< active>0< /active>. < onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>. Just change active from 0 to 1. < active>0< /active>. < onlinemode>1< /onlinemode>. Just change active to 1 also. On the Internet section you will also find this:. < disable>01< /disable>. < vmax>7< /vmax>. Changing disable to 00 and vmax to FF will give you “Internet in Motion”. It won’t lock anymore when you start driving. You may also need other settings if you don’t have an incar SIM, in order to force these through bluetooh, but that’s also an easy fix!

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Also, don’t get too adventurous and go changing stuff around if you don’t know what they do. You could get your head unit to get stuck in a boot loop. It’s fixable, but just thought I’d leave a warning in case some of you get curious about changing stuff without understanding what it does. To be on the safe side, also keep a backup of your car profiles. If you mess something up you can recover your settings this way. More detais about: . – hex editor and how to generate clean xml file:. Used HxD to edit. Just dump the data from the first step to excel and grab only the hexadecimal portion using the tools available. After that, dump the hex chain into HxD and you have a clean file. – I didn’t VO code:. I FDL coded the settings to activate internet over bluetooth (you can find those settings in the forum) and then injected the customized provision file.

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Just FDL coding or VO coding won’t work. – faster to browse on idrive or directly on your phone:. When using data from bluetooth, browsing is way faster using the phone. But if you get all your favorite sites stored in the idrive, dispite being slower, it’s a lot more practical. Just select using one click and that’s it! Your hands remain free the whole time and you can focus on the road, while if using the phone you get a lot more distracted. It’s a full BMW INPA software for F and E series models. Wish this helps. BMW Standard Tools and INPA 5.0.6. https://mega.nz/#F!atxDATqT!r6SO9Wu75GuDJmpbTTO48Q (It is share by forum member,can not promise 100% work on your laptop and unknown security).

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INPA 5.0.2 software. http://www.uobdii.com/wholesale/bmw-inpa-k-can-with-ft232rq-chip.html(Here it’s INPA software with K+CAN,it tested by our engineer,can 100% work.). BMW Standard Tools 2.12 – Install First. Includes (EDIABAS v.7.30, Tool32 v.4.03, INPA v.5.06, WinKFP v.5.31 & NCS Expert v.4.01). INPA_Fxx_v.2 – Install Second.

Ediabas Tool32 Download

Copy INPA_Fxx_v.2 folder to C:\EC-Apps\INPA_Fxx_v.2 and EDIABAS to C:\EDIABAS overriding existing EDIABAS Folder. Run INPALOAD.exe from INPA_Fxx_v.2 BIN folder (C:\EC-Apps\INPA_Fxx_v.2\BIN\INPALOAD.exe). Note: DISABLE WINDOWS FIREWALL ANY ANY VIRUS SOFTWARE. Note: For Exx connection, you will need to change EDIABAS.ini file to “INTERFACE = STD:OBD” and edit OBD.ini Com Port settings accordingly to match you PC’s Com Port settings. And here are some related contents about BMW INPA:. BMW INPA Installation Guide:. BMW INPA Window XP Installation Guide. Before installing, delete all version of INPA-ADS from your computer. For example: rename INPA into “_INPA”, EDIABAS into “_EDIABAS” etc. Insert CD to disk E:\ and open it, there will be a file named “INPACANinstall” which will guide you how to install in detail.

1. INPA BMW Software Overview

Step1: Open “01_Step1” file in the root of CD disk and copy folder “EC-APPS” onto disk C:\. Step2: Run the file “01_Step1\NFS\Entpackt\disk1\SETUP.EXE”. Choose “Windows XP” and click next. Choose “User Mode” and click next. Choose 1 Parametrieren einer neuen Konfiguration ohne Daten. -> “Kein API-TRACE”. -> “Kein IFH-TRACE”. -> “Komfort(.IPO)” and click next. Then press any key to continue. This step Complete. RE-BOOT YOUR COMPUTER . Step3: Run the file “02_Setup2\INSTALL\Instprog.exe”. -Choose English, press continue. -While choosing the HDD disk C:\ for initial setup, do not change, the installation must be on drive C:\ only, press continue.

10. INPA BMW Interface FAQ:

-Choose configuration “BMW Group Rectification Programs UK” and press continue. -Activate all spare boxes with:. EDIABAS 6.4.3 – UPDATE. INPA 5.0.1- UPDATE. NCS Expert 3.0.8 – Complete. -Press continue to start installation and press End to exit the installation. Step4: Run the file “03_Setup3\INSTALL\Instprog.exe”.

4. Inpa BMW Software Support Car Models:

-Choose English, press continue, press continue again. -While choosing the HDD disk C:\ for initial setup, do not change, the installation must be on drive C:\ only, press continue. -Choose configuration “BMW Group Rectification Programs UK” and press continue. -Activate all spare boxes with:. INPA 5.0.1- UPDATE. NCS Expert 3.0.8 – UPDATE. -Press continue to start installation and press End to exit the installation. Find the file C:\EC-APPS\INPA\CFGDAT named “inpa.ini” and replace it with the file “inpa.ini” that is in the root directory of CD disk.

7.3. Finally, install INPA BMW Software Driver

Step6: Plug the adapter into spare USB-Port and install drivers manually. Copy the “Driver_D_CAN_USB” file onto disk C:\. Choose install from a list of specific location. Select the folder “Driver_D_CAN_USB”. You may install the same driver again. Complete driver installation. Then Change the number of COM-port to the value from 2 to 4, also change the value of Latency Timer from 16 to 1. Step7: open disk C:\EDIABAS\BIN\Ediabas.ini. In the file “EDIABAS.ini”. “Interface = STD:OBD” must be choosen. Step8: in the file C:\Windows\OBD.INI, put the number of USB-COM-port to the value that you remember in step 3…. For the detail information please check this article:Install BMW INPA software on Win XP.

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BMW INPA Window 7/8 Installation Guide:. STEP 1: INSTALLING BMW STANDARD TOOLS. Download and install BST 212. Since BST (BMW Standard Tools) was designed for Win XP 32bit operating Systems, users have faced issues with tools like WinKFP and NCSExpert since Win 7 64bit systems have been introduced. Running in XP compatibility mode just wasn’t enough. Presenting you with several errors or not running at all. Only solution was to install on a XP system or like me… XP VMware. Well that all changed with BST 2.12 which works on 32 or 64bit systems.

7.2. Secondly, Connect Inpa BMW Cable With The Laptop

WIN 7/8, 32/64bit OS. STEP 2: INSTALLING INPA software. (will need it after coding certain modules such as DME for CAS or EWS Alignment). Download and install my version of INPA 5.06 with Fxx Support by simply. replacing the existing folders with the folders provided in the. Replace C:\EC-Apps\INPA. Replace C:\EDIABAS. STEP 3: INSTALLING NCSEXPERT IN ENGLISH. Download and install NCSEXPER32_ENG.zip.

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Copy and replace contents in the .zip file with contents in C:\NCSEXPER\BIN. Now NSCExpert is in English but you will find the Hot Keys do not work. This is a bug a fellow MHH member discovered and haven’t really worked on trying to fix it so for the time being just click on the F# key with your mouse.Not done yet with NCSExpert.

7. Detail Steps About How to Install INPA BMW Software V5.02:

Need to import profiles to NCSExpert. well download the PFL.zip and copy and replace all contents from PFL.zip to [b]C:\NCSExpert\PFL. (you will also find a lot more PFL’s by searching for NCSExpert profiles in Google). Now you have a working WinKFP and NCSExpert with profiles loaded on your PC we can continue to Step 4. STEP 4: INSTALLING & CONFIGURATING DCAN INPA CABLE. Configure your DCAN/INPA cable. If you followed my steps correctly than your EDIABAS should already be configured to STD:OBD for use with the INPA cable. If not you can download ediabas-konfigurator from here if it is not already in your C:\EDIABAS\Ediabas-Konfigurator folder.

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