Enter Kaspersky Activation Code

Entering an activation code

In Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console, you can enter an activation code that matches a new license if the current license is about to expire or if you want to change the set of available features.

To enter an activation code:

  1. Open Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Management Console.
  2. Select the Information panel section.
  3. Select the License tab.

    The License tab shows the following information:

    • Details of the limitation imposed on the number of users by the license.
    • The actual number of users that use the software under the license.
    • The number of days remaining until the license expires.
  4. Click the Enter activation code button.

    The License replacement window opens.

  5. In the entry field, enter the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud activation code that you received from a Kaspersky representative.

    An activation code comprises four blocks, each containing five characters.

  6. Click the Send button.

    The activation code will be sent to Kaspersky activation servers for verification. If you entered an invalid code, the License replacement window will display a message informing you that an invalid code was entered. Try to enter the activation code again.

  7. If the code you entered is valid, the Check new license details window displays information on the license currently being used, and information on the license corresponding to the entered activation code.

    The window states whether you are about to upgrade Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud (and the list of new features you will get), to downgrade your application (and the list of features you will no longer have access to), or simply to renew the license (and keep the set of features unchanged).

    Sections of the window show, respectively, values for the current license and, next to an arrow, values for the new license—or one value, if it is the same for both licenses. See the window sections License name, Licensing model, License limit, and License expiration date.

  8. Click the Apply button to confirm replacement of the license.
  9. If you have entered an activation code for a Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus license, the displayed Manage features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus window allows you to configure the Patch Management feature. Specify the patch installation schedule, and then click the OK button. Or, click the Later button if you want to configure the feature at a later time.

The license ID and all of its associated information change. The data that you modified is displayed in the license details window.

After the license is replaced, the licenses on managed devices running Windows, Android, and iOS are replaced automatically. On a managed device running macOS, the new license is registered. If the previous license is still current, the new one will come into effect only after the previous one expires. If you want to activate the application under the new license earlier, you must do it manually on the device.

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