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  • Published on: 08 August 2020
  • FreeDVDBoot is the latest breakthrough for the PlayStation 2 modding scene, allowing anyone with a compatible and unmodified PS2 to boot unsigned code with nothing but a blank DVD on hand. Although many people are using this as an entrypoint to install FreeMCBoot or Fortuna to a memory card, it was also demonstrated that you could patch full retail game backups to launch by combining the FreeDVDBoot payload with an ESR patched disc! In short, as of 2020, we can now easily create our own self-booting backup games to run on a completely unmodified PS2, just like we've seen on the Dreamcast.
    This tutorial will go through the process of checking your PS2's DVD Player version to verify it's compatible with the FreeDVDBoot ESR Patcher GUI application. From there, you'll be able to backup your CD and DVD based PS2 games, patch them, and of course play them with ease.
    Keep in mind that FreeDVDBoot is completely reliant on the specific DVD Player version your PlayStation 2 has. With time FreeDVDBoot will be ported to work on more consoles, but for the time being you need to make sure your console is on a specific version. At the moment, every Slim console works with this method, with more support expected for Phat consoles.
    #PS2 #FreeDVDBoot #ESR
    This video has been made with Fair Use in mind and has been created as an educational piece of media.
    0:00 - Introduction & Explanation
    0:55 - Explanation
    1:44 - Compatibility Check
    2:32 - Downloads
    4:09 - Backing Up Games
    5:40 - Patching DVD Games
    7:03 - Patching CD Games
    10:16 - Burning Patched Backups
    11:52 - ESR Game Compatibility List
    12:55 - Testing Patched Games
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    Fat/Phat PlayStation 2:
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    Video Hardware I Use:
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    Downloads & More!
    FreeDVDBoot ESR Patcher GUI:
    ESR Game Compatibility List:
    How to Install FreeMCBoot with FreeDVDBoot:
    How to Install FreeMCBoot on Any PS2 Slim with FunTuna:
    How to Softmod Any Fat PS2 with FreeMCBoot & FreeHDBoot:
    How to Install Fortuna on Any PS2 Slim with FreeDVDBoot:
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PS2-Esr disc patcher.rar +1; Size 241 kB; Fast download for credit 1 second – 0,01. ESRPatcher Pro by insanity5000. Patched images, that are then unpatched are more like the original. Fixed problem with parsing parameters (it would only parse correctly if 2 or more parameters were specified) so dragging a single file onto the executable should work now. A mirror for esr-disc-patcher-cli. Contribute to antipatico/esr-disc-patcher-cli development by creating an account on GitHub. Recent download esr disc patcher 2 0 ps2 news and updates. Download esr disc patcher 2 0 ps2 page on Rediff Pages Create a new Page for companies, colleges, celebrities or anything you like.Get updates on MyPage.

Esr Patch Ps2

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Esr Patcher Ps2 Download

Esr Disc Patcher Ps2 Download

Esr Disc Patcher Ps2 Download Free

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