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Where to get KNX Virtual from ?

  • Download ETS v6.0.0 - Link 1
  • Download ETS v6.0.0 - (Alternative) Link 2
MD5 Hash: 5aa5d5e9d7440845d74b1986a79ca444

In order to transfer a KNX project from the Commissioning PC to the mounted KNX devices, the ETS user needs to perform a Download.


  • This step can only be realized after the bus interface settings have been carried out. For carrying out this task, ETS offers several download variants, the usage of which depends on the installer’s needs and on the configuration status of the devices.
  • Group addresses (more precisely, group addresses and the links between group objects, the tables).
  • ETS decides on the basis of a number of flags (e.g.
  • in the Topology, Buildings, or Devices Panel) whether a download is complete or if only some parts still need to be downloaded.

Worldwide launch of ETS628th September at 9am (CEST) at

  • The flags are shown in the List view, typically called 'Download Status'. The flags have the following meanings:. Download Variants. In order to perform a download, select the item(s) you want to download and select Download:.
  • When downloading more than one device, behind the scenes, ETS will always download all information per device, before starting with the next: Device 1 (individual address; application program) → Device 2 (individual address; application program) → ..
  • Assigns the individual address to a KNX device by overwriting a known address. This function avoids having to physically press the download button on the device. This option is only available if a single device is selected.
  • The download process in ETS operates in the background.
  • Please note that:. It is possible to continue working in ETS during the entire download process. Devices that are being downloaded are protected against changes by the ETS user. Therefore, these devices cannot be edited during the download process, e.g.
  • Go to MyKNX and login to your account to download ETS5. Go to the section 'Account-->Products'.
  • The download starts. Locate the downloaded zip file that contains the ETS setup file.
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