Exe Installer Apk

Want to use your Windows PC files on your Android devices? Before we get into the details like what do we need to convert a .exe file into a .apk file or how to convert it, let’s talk about basics. A .exe is a very common file format and it is actually a short form of an ‘executable’ file.

How to convert the .exe file into a .apk file?

Such files are commonly used to run or install the software applications of Windows computers. Every program or application you run on your Windows PC is actually run by the .exe files only. Just for your information, such files are also used by the attackers to distribute the trojans and malware to the PCs, often through phishing emails and SMSs.

USB debugging

  • Thus if you get any. exe file in your email or SMS from an unknown source, do not run it as it may leave a virus in your machine or may steal your data.
  • The .apk files are meant for the Android operating system and it stands for Android Application Package.
  • This file format is used to run and install the applications on the Android operating system.
  • All the apps available on the Google Play Store are also in the .apk format.

This package contains all the necessary files for the Android programs. No, EXE files cannot run on Android, but you can convert EXE files to APL files and then run them.

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