Fallout 4 1.1.29 To 1.1.30 Patch Download

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Fallout 4 V1. [trainer +12]
Inf.Health - -Also includes Inf.Core Energy in the same cheat
NO Radioactivity
No Reload
Mega Exp -- When killing enemy you get 1000X Exp
Easy Terminal **** -- Click on any word that make sense and it will unlock
Unbreakable Pins // Removed on latest release because it caused crashes
Fly Mode -- Must have Health cheat on otherwise you will die when going down
Inf.Attribute Points -- Open Perks Special Window and select an ability to upgrade then you will have 200 perks
Inf.Core Energy
Super Speed
Free Crafting
For attribute points cheat you need to edit your character and you will have 70 points to spend and max everything
For Weight cheat you have to either gain an item or remove an item while cheat activate and all items weight will turn to 1
For Items cheat it will allow you to pick up as many of an item or spend as many of an item as you want , Be warned it may bug things with mission quests so turn it off when wanting to pick something importent
Backup your game save just incase .
You can't use Fly mode while super speed is on , Disable speed to be able to fly

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