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  • The best browser for Android or the best browser for Windows can not be the best browser for Mac.
  • Even the fastest browser for iOS is not supposed to be the fastest browser for Mac OS.
  • As each operating system has different features, functionality and requirements, so you need a powerful internet browser for your favourite OS.
  • Whether you want to read the news, blogs, ebooks etc.
  • online, chat with friends, play online games, shop online, download mp3 music, stream music online, listen to free music online without downloading, stream movies online, watch movies without downloading, share files online, learn something exciting online or whatever else be your browsing needs – without fast internet browser, your browsing experiences will surely be mediocre.
  • Even though you may browse quickly without an internet connection but for an all-around better browsing experience, you need to have the fastest internet browser installed on your device.

We have compiled a list of the top 7 best web browser for Mac users. Don’t Miss: 13 Excellent Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks for Windows 10 Absolute Beginners. The Pro Review from TechReviewPro. Though Apple Safari is a very popular internet browser among Apple’s OS lovers as it comes as a built-in web browser for iOS or Mac users, yet sometimes it doesn’t work properly in Mac OS X as it fails to load some scripts required to view some excellent sites correctly.

Due to its failure in loading such scripts, it fails to provide the fastest browsing experience to users. But certainly, there are many Safari Alternatives to replace and provide the best web browsing experience. So have a look at the fastest Mac web browsers – if you are wondering what’s the best internet browser for Mac?

Google Chrome is the world’s most modern internet browser and it is because of its powerful functionalities.


  1. Developed by Google itself, it is the most powerful web browser designed with a minimalist user interface.
  2. It has robust support for a huge number of Chrome extensions and plugins that add to its functionality.

Top 7 Best Browser for Mac Users

With Google updating it now and then, new and improved features and functionalities like better JavaScript performance, HTML standards compliances and built-in flash rendering engine, etc. are added very frequently. Frequent updates keep user experience improving while Google developers support it best internet browser for developers.

  1. As it is the fastest web browser for Mac and allows you to browse securely, you must give it a try for Mac.
  2. Mozilla Firefox is one of the best web browsers for Mac users.
  3. Since it is an open-source web browser, so it is available for free download.
  4. Mozilla Firefox comes with several built-in powerful features that are beneficial for web developers/designers in customizations and tweakings.
  5. Whether you want to surf the web exclusively, block pop-ups and annoying ads or manage your bookmarks effectively – Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS is the best internet browser that keeps you organised and prevents malware and spyware away.

With many powerful add-ons available, it adds functionality to your safe and secure web browsing. Safari is the default web browser for Mac OS X that comes as the pre-installed web browser for all Mac OS devices. Being the official web browser developed by Apple, it comes with many powerful features.

And Apple keeps adding new features and improved user interface to compete with other web browsers. Those who are using iOS on their iPad or iPhone etc. other Apple products know that Apple Safari is the fastest web browser for iOS but when it comes to Mac OS, it lacks some features as compared to other Mac web browsers.

However, the clean and uncluttered design with compelling visual balance, iCloud integration, RSS integration, etc.

Apple Safari

features make it the best overall Mac web browser. Also Read: Top 7 Best Safari Extensions – Best Safari Addons Plugins for Everyone. Gone are the days when Opera used to be a slow browser with a cluttered design. Now, the Opera web browser has improved itself to be popularly known as one of the best internet browsers for speed.

With a simple, sleek and minimal design, Opera is a very powerful web browser for Mac users. The latest Opera browser updates have added features like powerful rendering, server-side compression and Off-Road mode that is built with innovative ideas to speed up the browser for a better and faster browsing experience.

Also, several Opera add-on lets you customise your web browser easily. If you are quite disappointed with all other popular Mac web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. you need to give Torch browser a try. Torch browser uses the same Chromium project as Chrome. It comes with many features and add-ons that add to its functionality and make it a very popular Chromium browser with multiple functionalities.

With built-in features like media grabber, Torch torrent, Torch player, Torch music, Torch games, Torch facelift, etc. already integrated, Torch browser is all in one Mac web browser for your multiple needs. It is fast, beautifully designed, secure as well as a dominant browser for Mac users.

Check out: Top 9 Best Free Games for Mac OS X. OminiWeb is a powerful award-winning web browser for Mac users that aims to provide better browsing for everyone. It is a super fast, secure and feature-rich web browser that you may consider as the best alternative to other standard Mac web browsers.

OminiWeb is popularly known as the best browser for organised people as it lets you organise your bookmarks and comes with features like a visual tab drawer for quickly managing and restoring web pages.

Though OminiWeb browser for Mac is a well-designed web browser with many useful features, yet I feel it still lacks many features. However, if you wish, you may check it out yourself.

Also See:Top 6 Best Private Search Engines for Anonymous Web Surfing. Maxthon Cloud Browser is yet another powerful web browser for Mac users. It is a super fast and secure internet browser that you may operate on multiple platforms and devices which make it easy for you to manage your bookmarks, tabs, reading lists and surfed websites history, etc.

accessible from a cloud system. Maxthon Cloud Browser sets you free due to its latest cloud-integrated powerful features that let you sync, share and manage your files on various operating systems including Mac, iOS, Android, Windows phone and Linux.

6. OminiWeb – Best Mac Browser to Stay Organized

Also Check: Top 7 Best Web Browser for Linux OS – Best Linux Web Browsers. While selecting the best browser for Mac/iOS/Android/Windows/Linux or any other operating systems – the selection may differ based on the choice of people. As you might have noticed in this post, the best browser for developers is not the one that is also the best browser for designers.

Therefore, it is recommended to check out any of these browsers yourself and then decide which is the best Mac browser that suits your needs. However, don’t forget to add it using the comment box below if I missed any.

What should you look for in a web browser for Macs? It needs to be stable, secure, and as speedy as possible — plus, add-ons are always a good option to have.

The one you go for is not always an easy choice.

  • After all, as a Mac user, you might find yourself using Safari.
  • But is it still the best browser for Mac?
  • If you’re wondering which web browser is the safest, speediest, or most customizable, there are quite a few to pick from.
We’ve done the research and are ready to make several top recommendations.

5. Torch Browser – All in One Mac Browser for Multiple Needs

Here are the best web browsers you can get on a Mac. Apple has done an incredible job of optimizing Safari for today’s internet needs and Mac machines. The result is a web browser that’s usually the best option for getting things done on MacOS. It has cross-site tracking and some built-in ad targeting prevention for privacy.

Add Apple’s famously locked-down system, and you have a browser that’s secure and reliable (HTTPS certificates for sites on Safari must be renewed every year, for example).

It’s also speedy, with the 2021 Jetstream 2 browser benchmark giving it a score of 136, higher than other popular browsers like Chrome and Firefox. For Apple fans, Safari also offers amazing integration. At a moment’s notice, you can search for a title on the App Store or hand off your web browser session to another device like your iPad or MacBook.

Integration with iCloud also allows you to use Safari’s password-management services if you prefer to avoid third-party apps. All in all, Safari offers excellent performance, is available on your Mac right out of the box, and has a growing number of extensions that allow you to expand its capabilities.

Chrome has made a name for itself with its minimalistic interface and rich collection of extensions for adding tools or apps directly to the web browser — nearly 190,000 of them in total. The web browser also can aid you in translating webpages, double-check your security, and has robust settings that allow you to toggle nearly everything on or off as you desire.

While not quite as speedy as Safari, our Jetstream 2 tests gave it a score of 130, which still is very respectable. Chrome also excels at multitasking, and it’s one of the friendliest browsers for managing multiple windows and long strings of tabs in intuitive ways, so it remains a strong choice for those who need a lot of organization.

It’s not entirely perfect — sometimes bugs can creep in, and it can be greedy for RAM — but it is frequently updated and offers strong customization options. It’s also very friendly with Chromecast devices and, of course, Chromebooks if you use Google’s system elsewhere.

Firefox is one of the few mainstream browsers with an open-source origin, giving it a broad portfolio of add-ons for users to play with and customize as they see fit. This can also introduce some security concerns, but in recent years Mozilla has proven adept at frequent updates, fixes, and optimization (including privacy restrictions that keep providers from selling your data).

While Firefox is in excellent shape these days and makes an efficient alternative if you want to switch, it did perform notably worse on our Jetstream 2 tests with a score of 74, so it’s not the best option if speed is your primary concern.

Where Firefox really shines is its personalization options. If you’re worried about privacy, you can use the Enhanced Tracking Protection to block or review whatever you want. If you want to build the web browser out as a workplace hub, you can download whatever add-ons you need to support work apps, content checking, analysis, and much more.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Even native features like picture-in-picture support or Pocket app integration make Firefox incredibly useful. The downside is that you’ll have to spend time learning it all if you’re new, and its add-ons aren’t quite as easy to navigate as something like Chrome’s extensions.

Microsoft Edge’s revamp appears to be a strong success, as the browser is officially more popular than Firefox among worldwide users. The interface is also better than it has ever been, with the Chromium base of the browser inspiring a Chrome-like clean look that’s excellent for organization and intuitive to understand.

Chromium also gives it access to all the extensions on the Google Chrome Store — they may not always run as well on Edge, but you can still find the solution you want.

4. Opera – Best Internet Browser for Speed

Microsoft also has added some neat categorization that allows you to do things like save webpages in a Collection for future reference. Whether you’re switching from Chrome or just looking for a capable alternative web browser on Mac, Edge is certainly worth a try.

Users who have had problems with slowdowns or buggy performance using Chrome on their Macs may be able to find serenity in Opera, another web browser-based in Chromium but more focused on a lean, privacy-oriented structure. It’s made to be as efficient as possible, which is why it’s generally better for avoiding RAM shortages or unexpected crashes.

Opera also is filled with intelligent, native features that modern-day internet users will immediately appreciate, including built-in ad blocking, built-in chat messengers that are always available, and even a free built-in VPN that you can enable for additional privacy.

You also can customize it with options from a dark mode to web browser-specific keyboard shortcuts. Opera may have welcome privacy features, but if privacy is your primary focus, we suggest going with Brave.

It offers in-depth privacy management for ads, scripts, and cookies, along with a built-in password manager and a constantly updated total of what’s been blocked. While phishing attempts and malware are automatically detected, you can customize other various security settings to work site by site or for the entire web browser.

It’s also extremely efficient, so if you are trying to save on battery life or similar goals, then it’s worth trying out. Vivaldi’s cross-platform web browser structure has several unique features that may be perfect for online experiences.

First, the interface is incredibly customizable compared to the somewhat limited options of other web browsers, allowing you to string out or stack tabs as you want, divide into multiple sections for apps or menus, switch to thumbnail perspectives for certain webpages, and much more.

There’s also plenty of compatibility for Chrome extensions and robust privacy measures that include blocking all kinds of tracking.

It’s excellent for micromanagement, especially if you’ve been disappointed by web browser limitations in the past. To help you with the best Mac web browser, we have created a list can you check below and select which fulfills your requirements.

Web browsers play a very crucial role in determining the speed while you browse. The speed of the Mac doesn’t help the browser to process fast, instead, your browser should be fast enough.

All the Mac users get the safari as the in-built browser which they usually use, but there are many other web browsers too that can help in fast browsing. In this article, we will help you with the list of best browsers for Mac that you can try. So without any further ado let’s take a look at the list.

What Are the Best Fastest Web Browsers For Mac in 2021?

Here is the list of the fastest browser for Mac that you can choose in 2021 to speed up the process and work efficiently. Chrome is one of the most used and most popular web browsers. Google Chrome is usually seen in Windows laptops or PCs, but then it is compatible with Mac too.

You can use this as it is one of the best browsers for Mac to use. This browser offers many unique and best features which makes it one of the best web browsers.

The list of features includes:.

  • After you install this web browser you get a lot of extensions and plugins which can help you while you browse and make the process smoother.
  • In Mac, you can handle multiple tabs with this browser effortlessly.
  • It loads pages faster and easily zooms in (if needed).
  • Chrome other than all the offerings makes other programs accessible for the user.
The program list includes Calendar, Docs, Drive, Photos, and others.


The Native’s browser is what a Mac user gets by default in their devices. It is one of the finest browsers which offers a various feature to help the user function properly. It offers Dark mode, Siri Suggestions, easy switching between the tabs, and security features.

Overall it offers a great browsing experience for every user. Since 2004, Apple has used this web browser as the default for their devices. It works on the Nitro JavaScript engine, which makes it 8 times faster than the Internet Explorer.

Other than this it comes with built-in features that let you send an email, access social media platforms. It also has a feature for all readers, which when enabled offers a distraction-free reading experience. Some of the best features of this web browser include:. Privacy and security feature which also helps in suggesting weak passwords.

Intelligent tracking protection for keeping an eye on hackers. Saves battery while you stream videos using the web browser. You can customize settings as per requirements and website.

Also Read: 10 Best CleanMyMac Alternative to Clean and Optimize Your Mac. Firefox is one of the oldest web browsers for Mac, despite this fact it is one of the best browsers for Mac. Recently the browser has gone through any updates which may help the user in better performance and speed.

The new updates bring new features for the users like:. Improved performance and battery usage of the laptop. The new updates tend to consume less battery as compared to older versions. Lots of extensions and bookmarks you get with the new updates. The password syncing feature is dependent on locally encrypted files.

Maxthon browser is known to very few users but this is one of the fastest browsers for Mac that you should try. Other than just being the fastest it is lightweight and delivers the best browsing experience to the user. It offers many other features too, that includes:. The browser offers cloud backup which also has advanced encryption which keeps the data protected.

The web browser supports seamless synchronization between the OS, which makes it one of the fastest browsers for Mac in terms of sharing files. This browser offers the user a feature that helps in downloading videos from YouTube and Facebook easily.

Just like the IDM software it gets a download button near the video, you can just click on that button and download easily. Additionally, the browser has inbuilt screen capture and smart reader mode which help users and spending time doing productive work.

1. Google Chrome – Best Mac Browser for Developers

Also Read: Top 10 Best Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover Apps for Mac in 2021. Microsoft Edge is considered as a web browser that works similar to Internet Explorer but you are wrong considering this way.

Edge browser is one of the best browsers for Mac that you can choose. It offers some amazing features that include:. Edge performs really swiftly, you can compare it with the most trusted browser i.e., Google Chrome.

Both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have the same engine which is why it delivers the same speed as Chrome.

  • The Mac web browser offers features using which you will be able to block trackers.
  • The best part about this browser is that it protects the user’s privacy and keeps transparency in between.
  • Seamonkey is another browser for Mac that you can try.
It offers a very simple and old-fashioned interface for the user.


It offers various features which can interest you, some of them are:. The browser offers features like IRC chat, email client, and HTML editor. It is compatible with most of the third-party extensions which can help the user with their work.

Fewer resources, better performance. Ideal for home use. Also Read: How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To Mac. Yandex has a similar interface to Microsoft Edge. other than the interface the speed of the browser has helped to gain a place in the list of fastest browsers for Mac.

you can even customize the interface as per need which is a great feature. Other than this the browsers offer:. The browser has an inbuilt manager which takes care of your passwords and payment details. The interface is very simple and the settings section is divided into other sections neatly which makes it very easy to find and select an option.

One-click download feature which lets the user download video, images, article, and other stuff from the internet. This Mac web browser is the fastest Mac browser because of its Turbo mode feature. This feature lets the user enjoy a stable speed while browsing.

If the speed drops while browsing the turbo mode is activated and keeps the speed stable.

Vivaldi is a great browser that can try on your Mac. this browser offers various security features which protect you from hackers and unwanted ads. Other than this it has many other features, lets take a look at them:. This Mac web browser has a very clean and simple interface that can attract you.

It offers awesome tab management which helps in hassle-free browsing. Using the browser you can easily enjoy your favorite application and website without any delay. You can keep yourself updated using this fastest browser for Mac. Also Read: How To Clear or Reduce System Storage On Mac? This is a very unique yet the fastest web browser, it is an open-source browser.

It offers features that make the user fall in love with this unique web browser. Some of its features are:. The browser has a scrollable tab bar that you can scroll or expand. You can adjust the tab bar as per requirements.

Microsoft Edge

Using the browser you can easily restrict unwanted ads and pop-ups. You can adjust for which site you want to view the ads and for which site you want to restrict. The best feature is that it protects the Mac from malware and other threats.

Now if you have this browser then you don’t have to have dedicated software like antivirus or antimalware to protect your system. Lastly, Brave is one of the fastest web browsers for Mac that you can try.

Several aspects of the browser make it one of the best browsers in the offers some of the best features which include:.

  • Just like some of the above-mentioned Mac web browsers it also offers ad blocker, script blocking, and automatic upgrade features which makes browsing easy and uninterrupted.
  • The interface of the browser is very clean and simple which can be adapted by any of the users easily.

Other than just blocking the ads and other websites relates stuff, you can also block and restrict yourself from performing certain activities on social media platforms.

  • This is a very unique feature that is not available in any other Mac web browser.
  • Also Read: 15 Best Video Editing Software For Mac in 2021.

3. Apple Safari – Best Overall Browser for Visual Balance

By looking at the list of best Mac web browsers we hope that you must have found out the best browser for your Mac that performs fast and offers a safer browsing experience.


Though the list consists of the fastest web browser for Mac, still you can check other offerings and choose the right option. We hope that you will find this article helpful. If you have any suggestions or doubts related to this topic, please write them down in the comment section.

Following on from the excellent work carried out by my colleague, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, where he benchmarked browsers running on Windows 7 and Windows 10, I've taken a look at how well browsers run on macOS 10.12 "Sierra."

2. Mozilla Firefox – Best Mac Browser for Customization/Tweaks

So, which is the fastest browser for your Mac? Must read:OLED iPhone 8 may finally have the feature that owners have been craving. Mac mini (Late 2012). 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 CPU. 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM.

Intel HD Graphics 4000. 1TB SATA hard drive. JetStream 1.1: A JavaScript benchmark that includes benchmarks from the SunSpider 1.0.2 and Octane 2 JavaScript benchmark suites. Larger scores are better. Kraken-1.1: An updated version of the SunSpider benchmark.

Lower scores are better.

7. Maxthon Browser – Best Cloud Based Mac Browser

Octane 2.0: A JavaScript test that includes tests that focus on interactive scripting. Higher scores are better. WebXPRT 2015: This benchmark contains six HTML5 and JavaScript-based workloads: Photo Enhancement, Organize Album, Stock Option Pricing, Local Notes, Sales Graphs, and Explore DNA Sequencing.

Higher scores are better. HTML5 Test: A web standards compliance test.

The maximum score is 550, and a higher score is better.

These tests were run multiple times to ensure consistency.

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