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Tips and guides are provided for Ford Transit fuel pump coding (adaptation/reset)

File Size:125.60 KB Hits:19388. CH340 USB Driver for Windows.

It’s possible to be done with or without Ford diagnostic software like IDS, Forscan, FoCOM.

  1. ELMConfig FORScan ELM327 Treiber Firmwares & Co Ford Focus II / C-Max I / Kuga I Powertrain Calibration Files AsBuilt Exporer ( This is a small program for comparing As-Built files for Ford/Lincoln vehicles. The program can compare single.AB (Ford/Motorcraft) files and multiple.ABT files (FORScan As-Built format).
  2. In this first part of my FCOM installation tutorial, I discuss Oblivion installation suggestions, I go over the downloads needed for FCOM, and I suggest a me.

Here you go…

Without any tool:

Simply twist the starter 30 seconds to sync.

But, this will only work when the pump is already virgin


i have successfully coded used pumps using ids, did one last week on transit, pats, module initialization, fip, coded access, retrieve outcode input in-code, then it should clear rim, then cycle key as prompted then its done. Well something to that effect anyway.

When youve tried to initialize the used pump and it fails have you just tried plugging your old pump back on without initializing it again to see if dash light stops flashing? (just incase its not coding used one back in at all), if the light goes out without syncing the old pump back in id be looking at the vcm or software. Ive only had fuel pump sync fail on a focus tddi, but i used my mates vcm 2 and it worked first time. So it must be a software/hardware issue with mine as ive done connects and transits and its worked on them.

All the ones ive done have been coded pats access


You need 2 keys in PATS memory to run engine. It was BAD idea to erase all keys if you have no 2 valid ones.

Version 2.2.4 has bug in FIP (fuel injector pump) initalization procedure, please use v2.2.3 or we can provide test build of v2.2.5.

So you need the following:

  1. Make sure you have 2 valid keys.

Insert BLANK key in the ignition lock and run self-test for PCM module. It should return DTC code B1901. It means PCM is able to see you transponder but it is not programmed (not added to the PATS memory). if DTC B1900 is returned, it means PCM can NOT see the transponder.

Repeat this procedure for every BLANK key you have.

  1. Program 2 keys using Program key in PATS menu
  2. Install version 2.2.3 of FORScan and run Module Initialization from PATS menu.

Because of a bug is FORScan , these PIDs are not available in v2.3.3 and earlier. The fix will be available in v2.3.4 official release. For now, everyone can use this test build to read these PIDs:

http://forscan.org/download/FORScanSetu … 092016.exe

The issue is also actual for other vehicles with the same engine (1.5/1.6 TDCi) – Mondeo Mk4, Galaxy/S-Max, Transit Connect.


Bosch VP44 PSG Control Unit Diagnostics

Bosch PSG Diagnostics

FCOM supports diagnostics of TDDI engine fuel pumps from Robert Bosch GmbH. These control units do not have diagnostic lead connected to any pin into the OBD2 socket, it is necessary to connect diagnostics directly to a pin of the control unit. (Ford IDS does not allow diagnosis of this control unit).

Please note that only VP44 fuel pumps installed between 1998-2006 are supported. Other systems (e.g. Denso, Lucas) use different control units and this page does not apply to them!


For diagnostics of pump is necessary the direct connection from PIN9(Kline) in the ECU to PIN7 in FCOM diagnostic interface.

Pump control unit description

The control unit of pump contains only a hybrid circuit board, which is not repairable in normal work conditions. Consumption of the ECU can be up to 8A, it is necessary to get connected to a fused wiring.



Diagnostics of pump is available from the main menu of FCOM by clicking on “Special Diagnostics” and then selecting “Fuel Injection Pump Diagnostics”.

This function cannot be used to “virginize” PSG VP44 fuel pump ECU. On the other hand, FCOM has ability to program used fuel pumps.

  1. 2. Ford Fuel Injection Pump (FIP) coding

The Bosch VP44 fuel pump does not have to be virginied before coding (used pump can be coded using FCOM unless it is time-locked). FCOM cannot virginise Bosch VP44 pumps (there is no need anyway).

Bosch VP44 fuel pump

The Bosch VP44 fuel pump is used on these diesel engines:

Focom Ford Download

1.8 DIFord Fiesta 2000-2002
Ford Focus 1998-2004
Ford Mondeo 1998
Ford Transit 2004
2.0 DIFord Mondeo 2000-2006
Ford Transit 2001-2004
2.4 DIFord Transit 2000-2006

Fuel pump adjustment

Information about unadapted fuel pump is displayed as an fault code B2139 (or U2510, B10DA-61). The pump is adjusted by OBD2 diagnostic connector.

Connect to the engine control unit (PCM) by FCOM. Function Fuel pump Adjustment can be found at the menu ECU Programming/Coding. Selection of any other coding functions such as PATS login, delete keys, etc., is not needed for fuel pump adjustment.

If you cannot find Fuel pump adjustment function in menu, please send us file with fast snapshot (go to the menu Control Unit Identification a click button Save ECU Information), part number of ECU (xxxx-12A650-xx) and the VIN code on address [email protected] A function will be added.

For the adjustment is necessary to go through two steps related to PATS. First is in the PCM and second in the pump. The program performs these steps automatically. Type of access in first step in PCM is either timed or coding, it depends on type of the control unit. More information about PATS can be found in the relevant documents.

Fcom Download Ford V

Remember that for every OUTCODE, which a control unit generates, is necessary to get a unique INCODE. Using one and the same INCODE during more operations with PATS is not possible.

After typing a valid INCODE (or after waiting for time access), application go to the second step also related to PATS in the pump.

Fcom Download Ford Explorer

As mentioned above, both accesses are very often timed.
In practice, you can also meet with the state of the pump, which do not require a second step.

Fcom Download Ford Vs

Coverage in FCOM

Fcom Download Ford Mustang

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Fcom Ford Download

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