Firefox Download For Mac

For unfortunate reasons too tedious and mundane to discuss here, I am stuck with Mac/OS 10.11.6.

  • I am looking for a version of Firefox that will run under that version of Mac/OS.
I did the basic research and was directed Firefox version 78. After that, I was directed to the Extended Support Release. When I downloaded and ran that, I was directed to the Apple App Store where no version of Firefox could be found.
Can someone offer me a link to a version of Firefox that I can download and run on Mac/OS 10.11.6? Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browser choices, offering high speeds and displays versatility when you add plugins.

The program is extremely light on your computer resources.

You’ve probably heard of Mozilla Firefox, one of the most used desktop browsers available.

  1. Firefox competes with other popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Opera Browser. Arguably, Mozilla offers the fastest speeds available for browsing the web.
  2. Internet browsers are notorious for eating your computer’s resources. This is especially visible in Google Chrome’s consumption of almost all of a computer’s RAM.
  3. Yet, speed and performance is not sacrificed by this software being lightweight. Your privacy is ensured when you use Mozilla Firefox, the security features on this program include anti-tracking to ensure your location stays hidden. However, you’ll find that there are fewer extensions available for Firefox compared to Chrome.
  4. However, you may regret doing this as bookmarks you’ve made are hard to find. Unless you organize the tab constantly you won’t be able to view your old bookmarks easily.
But, for all the bad in this application, it’s speed and compatibility with most systems makes up for its shortcomings. Firefox is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS devices.

No, when it comes to browsers you can’t expect a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll need to take a look at everything and decide what features you want more than others.

Mozilla Firefox is a great browser that’s lightweight and offers high speeds. Yet by offering these, it doesn’t compromise on security and privacy.

Yes, if you’re looking for a fast, system-friendly and versatile browser then this is the optimal choice for you. Offering extension support means you’ll be customizing Mozilla to your personal needs.

Light on resources. Strong privacy protection. No live support. Hard to find your bookmarks. Few extensions available. A secure and functional online browsing solution. Latest version:98.0.2. Report incorrect info. Explore the Internet with one of the most popular online browsers. Switch between windows and tabs to see the content of multiple sites, save favorites, input texts and check their spelling, control file downloads, etc.

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